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Radio and Free Sailing in the UK

Our sport can be split in to 2 disciplines, Radio Sailing and Free Sailing and although both are still popular it is Radio Sailing that can be most easily found on a lake or water near you.

Today’s yachts range from home built yachts whose owners get great pleasure from the building process, collectors and restorers who through their efforts keep the history and knowledge in our sport, to the top end competitive skippers who race their carbon fibre and kevlar boats at local, national and international level.

Whatever level you wish to be involved there are people who will share your passion and commitment.


Why not check out the rest of our site and use the club list to find a club near to you, make yourself known and talk to a skipper, most are more than willing to discuss our sport and even let you have a go.

The MYA is recognised by the RYA as the governing body of Radio and Free Sailing within the UK.

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3 days ago

Photos from Tim Long's post ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

It say organised sport is allowed in tier 3
Just read it.
What is going on
Are we waiting for more guidance from the MYA , we Lincolnshire are going to be in tier 3
Confused .comFollowing today’s announcement, Newark and Sherwood will be placed into the Tier 3 Very High Alert level along with the rest of Nottinghamshire from the morning of Wednesday 2 December.

Tier 3 means:
• No mixing of households indoors or outdoors apart from support bubbles. The Rule of Six applies in some outdoor public places, for example parks and public gardens
• Hospitality will close except for sales by takeaway, drive-through or delivery
• Retail and personal care businesses can all open
• Places of worship are open but you must not socialise with anyone outside your household or support bubble
• Avoid travelling out of the area, other than where necessary for work, education, youth services, medical attention or because of caring responsibilities
• Avoid overnight stays outside of the local area, unless necessary for work, education or similar reasons
• 15 guests for weddings, civil partnerships and wakes; 30 for funerals. Wedding receptions not permitted
• Exercise classes and organised adult sport can take place outdoors, but should avoid contact. Organised activities for elite athletes, under-18s and disabled people can continue

The new Tiers have been strengthened to reduce the infection rate as part of a strategy to save lives, protect health and care services, and keep our economy and schools open.

Nottinghamshire councils have pledged to work together to help communities to adapt to the new restrictions. The Government will review this every 14 days

Stay tuned to our social channels and website for further updates and guidance.
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It say organised sport is allowed in tier 3
Just read it. 
What is going on
Are we waiting for more guidance from the MYA , we Lincolnshire are going to be in tier 3
Confused .com

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What can’t speak doesn’t lie. How organised are you Mick?🤭😜

Mick. The MYA is working on this in conjunction with the RYA and will provide guidance. As I understand it, and I could be wrong, we revert to what we were doing prior to lockdown. We too are in Tier 3 and we are currently operating from a dingy club whilst our lake is being repaired. There yet are returning to normal sailing and we are likely to be doing the same. Your risk assessment should help you decide

My understanding is the same as Bill. We run the local community centre and will return to the mode we were working under prior to the latest lockdown. However, if you don’t have everything in place such as a hefty risk assessment you do have a risk that you could reduce by having the correct levels of insurance for the Committee who allow the activity to take place.......simples ! level 3, do you exclude anyone not living in Lincolnshire ! The rules seem to say so.

I’ve just had notification that my dinghy club where we sail Rc lasers can sail again with Groups of 6 using same risk assessment from the 3rd

Thank you for the information.

The MYA is about to post a statement on the MYA website.

Are you elite athletes, their allowed


Certainly not elite there's some doubt on organised

Elite athletes,under 18 or disabled are allowed Simple buy a folding walking stick and walk with a limp !

I’m managing to sail with arthritis in both hands and blind in one eye ...Am I disabled enough Chaps ?

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1 week ago

To All UK RA Class Skippers

PRACC 2021

You don’t need me to tell you what a difficult year 2020 has been not only in our personal lives but the changes it has brought to society in general, as that famous saying has it “it aint over yet”. Sailing RA class yachts is not exempt from that either. The MYA has been looking in depth at what would have been 2020’s national racing calendar and has come to the same conclusion as most of us. In that there were too many events in a fixed period if time. Also, now with all that’s going on the emphasis has got to be in building up club sailing. Along with other classes that have long established series we have been asked to see if the series can be slimmed down. In the view of Peter, Mike and myself we needed to discuss this with our members and the clubs that have supported us before we make any changes. However, given the current circumstances that has just not been possible. As a class we have seen diminishing numbers sailing in the PRACC series to the point where its hardly viable to hold an event. That indicates action needs to be taken to halt that trend and turn things around, the request from the MYA has just brought that change evermore to the fore. The PRACC Series has been going a long time and in a radio sailing world now dominated by other classes PRACC is the only real place that we can enjoy sailing these boats in a competitive environment. There are not many clubs that hold club events for A Class either so that opportunity to sail is further challenged and that can’t be good for the class. So that’s picture, what are we suggesting?

Let’s look the PRACC series. There are a couple of options to consider but the only way it can be slimmed down is for the number of events to be reduced, so if we are to retain the PRACC Series what we are suggesting is that instead of single day events as now, we have a 2 day weekend event with two races and that there are 4 events in the year, Southern, South Western, Midlands and North, plus the National. Because our skippers are spread about England, we are suggesting that there is an event in the South West, in the South, Midlands and North. The National in 2021 is at Manor Park in October. That gives 8 PRACC races and the National. We have to weave into this as well, the Vets Nat, MD, SW and ND Champs but these can be coupled into suitable weekend events. As they are on a full weekend it makes turning up more worthwhile but also allows some skippers to pitch in for a day if it suits them. The model is very similar to IOM and M Ranking events.

The dates for your diaries are:-

Hampton Court on 17/18 April,
Bournville on 23/24 June, inc MD Champ
Askern on 9/10 September
National at Manor Park on 9/10 October
Poole on 23/24 October

Now that leaves a few clubs that have been staunch supporters of the PRACC series like Gosport, Eastbourne, Fleetwood and Woodspring without an event and our intent is to rotate the venues around in subsequent year’s so everyone has a fair crack of the whip. So, what can be done in the meantime, well we suggest that those clubs that have regular RA racing that they treat one of those events as an Open or a District Championship. That gives an opportunity to those outside of your club to sample the delights of your hospitality and to keep RA sailing alive in the clubs. Both of which are very important to the health of the class.
I know it sounds like we are imposing a significant change, but something has to move if we want the class to build and succeed. Please, do let us know if you have any better suggestions because we genuinely do want to hear from you. Its your enjoyment and your boats so please talk to us. As we have said in previous notes to you, don’t forget the Classic Class is now part of the equation as well. I know that there are several on the go, so let’s see them on the water. In the next piece we will set down what we consider is defined as a Classic.

Please keep safe and hopefully see you soon
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Comment on Facebook

An interesting concept Bill, do you consider that the IOM/Marblehead ranking model works for the wider membership of the MYA who are reluctant to travel or is it more attuned to the elite skippers who will travel anyway? If the requirement is to broaden the base of skippers sailing a particular class then I would suggest more local events they are likely to attend might be more successful. It seems to me that for a long time the racing structure of the MYA has tried to build from the top downwards which effectively gives no or very little encouragement for club skippers to progress to a higher level, perhaps this in part explains the number of skippers who become MYA members for just one or two seasons? Would not a number of district series with qualification to a National event not provide a better structure for class and skipper development?

Travel is an issue for what is becoming an ageing membership as well as 2 day events meaning hotel expenses etc for many.

We thought long and hard about that and as the vast majority who took part last year had motorhomes we opted for the weekend approach to make it a more meaningful event. What ever we did was not going to please everybody but we needed to do something. The PRACC series was always a Ranking style event so it seemed logical to to condense it in the way we have.

I should say that like the Ranking events they are one day affairs so there is no reason why you can’t do one day.

There is a deliberate mistake in the dates for Bournville and Askern please amend them to 26/27 June and 11/12 September.

It’s not often I’m right and I got it wrong again. Askern is 4/5 September

Hi Bill, admire your efforts to re energise the RA class but the real issue is 2021 seems just too early for being safe re covid. Stimulate Club sailing but maybe a questionnaire to ‘active’ clubs and those that sadly have suffered the demise of the class to fully understand the problem and develop a way forward for 2022

Club stimulation for all classes, the sport ,and I suspect many sports, is going to be important for 2021 but outside of one or two clubs there aren’t the numbers for the A class presently so I would agree with the make up of the PRACC for 21 to give those with an A the chance to sail. This doesn’t stop the clubs running their own events and district events. Just my thoughts.

Darin. That’s exactly what we have suggested to all the clubs that have A’s in their fleet. A lot is based on what we can do in the immediate future. We should know part of that later.

What has happened to all the A class boats that sailed in the PRACC series in the past. If skippers are not wanting to sail perhaps they could free up some boats for others to sail. Advertise them and stir up interest.

Graham we look forward to your return to radio sailing, Brst Mick

Thank you Mick Chamberlain. Lincoln is on my to do list.

The problem with A class boat, is the level of commitment needed compared to other classes. Even compared with my 6 metre boat, my old A class Dambuster is considerably bigger and much heavier (at 51lbs). They take some shifting and some sailing waters are easier to access than others. New boats are also a considerable investment for a boat with limited opportunities for competition , if this is your thing. With a RG65 for comparison.

Bill Green well done on avoiding any response to my points apart from saying they were considered, it seems to me that if the MYA wishes Radio sailing to be seriously considered as a sport then it needs to put in place a progressive structure where skippers can progress from Club to District to National and then presumably to International competitions. Why not require qualification to National Events from District Events? this at least would be a start.

Bill and team thanks for being proactive and laying out a road map. I plan to take part next year with the orange submarine 😉 only constructive criticism is that the clubs choosen should offer the most chance of restarting or signifcantly growing a class racing one stands out as unlikely. As for the mya policy maybe I am more happy for clashes infact I would schedule them so people choose there classes. Radio sailing is unlike dinghy sailing in that it is partially discipline not class based hence the MYA has a place. The A class is the rolls Royce of radio sailing the most elegant to sail and actually good value with only one rig and very long competitive lives let talk positively and sell it to more people.

For what it’s worth Two A boats have been freed from their garage and gone to two new keen skippers boosting the fleet at Gosport !

In terms of new boats , rather than "garage queens" like mine, it would be useful if there were a list of just what is available in the A world and who is supplying things.

Hi All I hear much about classes and racing which is absolutely and should encouraged, what about those members that enjoy sailing a class of boat but dont want to race, surely we should be building up those that just want a good venue to sail whatever boats, I've got a 2m a 1.5m and many others along with 2 x 1m..I do hear that in some clubs the DF65 have taken over and those with other classes are prevented from socially sailing if that is the case that is a shame, we have a Radio sailing group at Blithfield Sailing Club, great waters to sail and some good waves .but they only really sail DF65...We MUST WELCOME ALL sailors of all classes in our clubs, the young people at Blithfield are amazed at the larger yachts, open to ideas, from a committed non racing RC sailing enthusiast..😀👍

Nigel. What designs ??

Ken's old boat is a Sword. And probably one of the best ever built. Beat Walshy by one point to win Nationals at Castle Semple.☺

Getting the boats out on the water regularly at club events, starting with one or two enthusiastic skippers soon encourages other club members to have a go and numbers begin to grow.

On the point of getting them out, does anyone have a simple plan or design for a DIY "truck" for moving the heavy classic type boats from car to shore singlehanded? Needs to have some degree of cross country ( ie car park to shore)ability. I have been looking at the folding garden type trucks that are for sale but most of the wheels look more suitable for patio than river bank use. Currently one of the main reasons my big beast stays in the garage. Currently looking at this, which is quite bulky but best found so far

Bill Green many many congrats to you for getting 70 plus comments to your post! If only all these people will come sailing their ⛵

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Great Radio Racing ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Calm day in Texas this morning ... See MoreSee Less

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What part of Texas are at John?

1 week ago

My 20 yr old carbon Marblehead has lost its shine in places and has a few scratches. What do you experts use to remove scratches and shine the hull up again ? ... See MoreSee Less

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Easy Composites do a black polishing compound for carbon fibre. It doesn’t leave those horrible white specks that ordinary car polishes leave.

Sand, wipe and varnish with 2 pack. Epoxy goes yellow in UV, and hence the varnish protects it.

Easy Composites product ordered - thanks 🙂

1 week ago

Got to the pond, boat refurb successful, new No 1 rig build successful, new homemade sails also successful. Now to build a new No 1 rig for the other boat, bend on some more homemade sails and see what the crack is. #iomyacht #sochsails #radioyacht ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Thank you for adding me to your group. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Probably a very stupid question, so here goes. I’ve acquired an IOM ‘Alternative ‘ that doesn’t have a Drain hole. So where is the best place to position it, high upon the Transom or on the Deck as far aft as I can find a suitable position that doesn’t interfere with the structural integrity of the Hull? The Hull is made of planked Balsa !
Thanks in anticipation. Chris Judd
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If you fit on stern you cannot use a bung as boat will be too long. I prefer on fore deck close to bow.

Most boats seem to have them on the back and use tape over the hole . But it drains better in the front top fore deck

I havent needed a bung my chienz dosnt take on water I prefer it that way water is bad for electronics especially if its salt water find and fix your leaks its pretty easy

If you put it in the bow it allows you to hold the boat nose down easily to drain it. If it takes in water don’t forget to leave a patch off when you store it to let it “air” and dry completely between sailing days.

High up in corner of transom. Easy to drain. Less chance of patch being dislodged. Even if it is, less likelihood of water incursion.

Chris agree totally with Darin’s comment fit it in the bow if you can, my V9 takes in lots of water and needs draining often. A patch after every race in ‘big’ events which is a real pain as needs the transom drying etc. Bung and too long at club racing (doesn’t make it faster) ! apologies if this encourages breaking the class rules.

A good boat shouldn't take in much water and it's better to stop it coming in first, but if so I would say in the transom, as there is rarely any postitive water pressure here. Mine is bottom centre (cos I sailed dinghys I guess 😂) but top corner as John Owens says is fine. As above noted, after sailing keep the boat in the warm for a day or so with a patch off and the electrics will last much longer. Smearing vaseline occasionally on any connectors/contacts helps too.

I guess we are commenting on the wrong thing - why tolerate a leaky boat? “Prevention is better than a cure.” The top priority is to find the source of the water influx and prevent it from happening. 1) Prepare some soapy water and dab some around external points which could be sources of influx 2) With hatches and deck patches on, GENTLY pressurise hull with air. 3) Look for bubbles to appear in the soapy solution. This is a leak. Systematically check the rest of the boat - deck eyes, shroud attachments, rudder, etc. 4) Rinse boat and dry thoroughly. 5) Seal all leak paths that you identified. NB I was taught this by several friends and I am not the inventor of the technique 🤣 Good luck!👍

In the bow, on the deck. Apart from anything else, the water automatically runs to the point and, just as important, you can safely hold the (slightly blunter) leading edge of the fin to empty. I know two people who have cut their fingers whilst holding the sharp trailing edge when draining through a transom hole!

PREVENTION is better than constant need to drain a boat.✅🤣🤣

The Deed is not yet done, but being a Balsa Hull there is all sorts of strengthening around the stern that would need cutting through! So agree with John T on the basis of logic as much as your collective experience that an incision in the Bow to be the most likely! The patient is on the Operating Table and is on the List for late a.m tomorrow!

The bungs do fall out, especially after getting caught up with another boat or just because they can whilst you are launching etc. If it's windy a missing bung in the bow can ruin a race. It does not affect the boat (if it falls out) if you put it on the deck, but hard up against the transom corner. Easy to drain any water out if you need to.

I should point out that one of the key reasons for the fitting a drain hole and bung initially is to have an access point for pumping air in to seek out where the water may be ingressing !

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2 weeks ago

Can some one tell me the maximum length the keel bulb can be for IOM's?

If fact any measurements for them please?
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on the 1m .org web site theh have all the rules...

Hi Brian if it helps fin on my IOM is 34.1cm to bottom oh the null

Hi Stuart. It was the bulb i was interested in. Length diameter. Then i suppose the C of G which will be down to The boat hull type shape etc Hope you well, looking forwards to Winscar opening Cheers. Bri

Maximum 1 meter

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4 weeks ago

Photos from David Potter-Solutions's post ... See MoreSee Less

Image attachment

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Nice one Dave, looking good, like the big PS on the sail.

Looking good Dave.

You get better grip when they are warm?

America's Cup racing has changed a lot in 170 years.

📹 Animation Research Limited
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Cant wait, hope we get some good coverage here in the UK.

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