The final entry list is now available, we will be attempting to post updated scores at lunchtime and at the end of the racing on each day along with a short report.

There will also be updates on the Eastbourne website along with pictures after the event.

Good luck to all the entrants.

Skippers entered are:

Victoria McNulty 62 Birkenhead
Brad Gibson 42 Birkenhead
Graham Whalley 16 Manor Park
Peter Popham 71 ‘Three Rivers MYC’
Roy Stevens 54 Tri Services RSA
peter cropper 68 west cornwall
Jeremy Collier 57 EDMYC
David Brown 55 EDMYC
Darin Ballington 98 Manor Park
Godfrey Schembri 41 Malta
John White 9 Bideford
Lisa Reeves 27 Birkenhead
Nick Whyte 116 Teignbridge MYC
martin crysell 52 guildford myc
Vernon Appleton 36 Coalhouse Fort
Rob Schuch 101 ZeveHuizen NL
john arundell 30 Gosport
D R Payne 7 Windrush RYC
Dave Cox 15 Tri Services RSA
Chaz Jordan 99 Hampton Ct & Tri Services
Kit Stenhouse 48 Market Bosworth RYC
Richard Stenhouse 43 Market Bosworth RYC
Andy Stevenson 53 Lincoln
Walter Geurts 91 Rockanje NL
Simon Clarke 94 Woodspring MSC
Phillip Playle 77 Chelmsford R.Y.C.
Huub Gillissen 199 NL
Joop de Jong 141 NL
steve rudd 58 tri-services
Josh King 26 Windrush RYC
John Tushingham 51 Keighley
Liz Tushingham 108 Keighley
Cracco Christel 168 GCCG Belgium
Vinnie Zammit 130 Malta
Terry King 181 Windrush RYC
Krijn van den brink 20 NL
John Cleave 144 Ryde
Mick Chamberlain 277 Rotherham
Tony Edwards 75 Leicestershire RYC
Greg King 109 Windrush RYC
Richard Aucott 78 Woodspring
Sarah Conner 69 Woodspring
Trevor Bamforth 4 Woodspring
Mark Dennis 19 Chelmsford R.Y.C.
Peter Stollery 39 Guildford
Graham Bantock 95 Chelmsford R.Y.C.
Joe Binks 175 EDMYC
Trevor Binks 72 EDMYC
David Staniforth 158 Manor Park MYC
Montero 138 Société Nautique de Bandol – France
Frank Rudolph 13 ‘Wassersportgemeinschaft Gelderland 1970 e.V.’
ROSSIGNOL Yannick 122 US Carmaux Voile
Carsten Posmik 107 Germany
DERAVIN Eric 28 cazeaux lac france
Ian Harrison 119 Emsworth Slipper
Olivier COHEN 100 France
Matteo Longhi 34 Circolo Vela Tivano Italy
A F Banfield 40 Eastbourne
Clive Hand 169 Rotherham
John Shorrock 31 Reading
John Galyer 167 Emsworth Slipper
Dave Andrews 113 Hampton Court
John Sharman 61 Keighley & District
robert walsh 25 fleetwood
Raymond Flanigan 85 Bideford &D MYBC
Martin Roberts 64 Birkenhead
David Alston 96 : Market Bosworth
Richard Buxton 47 Broads RYC
Joshua Dicks 66 Clapham
Lester Gilbert 105 Buchanness


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