MYA IOM National Championships 2014

As many of you will be aware the MYA are currently compiling the racing calendar for MYA events in 2014, this year like most has seen a good response from clubs and districts, something that will allow the Race Officer to release the provisional dates to the district councillors in plenty of time to allow clubs to finalise their own calendars.

To those who have volunteered their facilities and services a big thank you, without you we would not be able to host events.

Unfortunately as was the case in 2013 there has been no district or club step forward for the IOM Nationals, this event is the highlight of the calendar for many and attracts top skippers from across the UK to compete.

It is perhaps the size and scope of the 3 day event that makes club apprehensive of offering their water, which we can understand but without a club or water we cannot include the event in the 2014 calendar.

With this lack of offers the MYA Race Team are currently investigating other options, such as established sailing clubs or known waters, however this route does not come without its’ own complications most notably possible cost implications, not only to the competitors but also to the sport as money spent on external venues is lost to our sport.

Therefore we would like all district and club secretaries to ask their clubs again if they would consider hosting such an event, and whilst we cannot accept an offer from a water that is not suitable please do not let a lack of experience or equipment be the stumbling block, the MYA Race Team are happy and willing to give any help and assistance that is required at planning stage  or during the event.

If you wish to offer or would like to ask questions about hosting the IOM Nationals in 2014 or any class nationals in the future please contact Graham Allen: racing-officer(at)

Thank you.



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