The day of the AGM started with the usual busy MYA Trade Show that was well attended by many skippers looking to buy that essential bit of equipment. Year on year the suppliers bring to the show more boats, sails and peripherals, all of the highest quality, some not available anywhere else in the world; and with many of the class captains also in attendance displaying their boats it created a real buzz in the hall.

Much of the fun of the morning is meeting friends, chatting about events past and future and generally ‘putting the world to rights’ at least the world of model yacht racing, and it’s great to see.

Our suppliers and Class Captains do a great job for the sport, thanks to all.

This year the MYA had its own stand in the hall, which provided an opportunity for members to talk to a few of the council officers and volunteers about items of concern or clarification, the opportunity was also taken to display the results of the MYA survey via a screen presentation, something that many found of interest.

At around 12.30pm the stands were packed away, lunch was had and at 1.45pm on the dot the Association’s 2015 AGM started with 50 or so members in attendance.

Our Chairman Keith confirmed that all Officer reports were published on the Knowledge Base and that only summaries would be presented. The main objective for the AGM is for members to have the opportunity to ask questions on any point requiring clarification

The various Executive members of Council then summarised their reports and gave those attended the chance to ask questions, these were many and varied and as always gave rise to differing opinions but also reinforced the passion for which many have for the sport. For reference these are recorded in the minutes of the meeting that are now available to be seen on the Knowledge Base


After the formal activities of the reports, the presenting of the annual MYA awards took place with our President, Derek Priestley, on hand to present these.

Starting with Vane Racing;

Gosport MYBC were announced as the the winning club for vane racing with Shaun Wyeth as the top individual. Nigel Brown representing the club and Shaun received the shields. Well done to Gosport MYBC and Shaun.

Next came the award of the Chris Dicks Trophy which recognises good design for model yachts and yachting projects.

The much deserved winner for 2015 was Peter Wiles.

Peter’s contribution to good model yacht design is not just for a single hull but for a great range of fittings, designed and mostly manufactured by Peter over a number of years under the PJ Sails banner; his quiet but helpful support is given to all members of the sport both new and old in an often un recognized manner, Well done to Peter and long may he continue to enjoy and support the sport.

The Syan Award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to model yachting.

The award for 2015 went to Peter Whiteside of Fleetwood MYPBC.

Peter has been yachting secretary for Fleetwood for over 20 years. Throughout that time Peter has arranged all the club’s events from National Championships to Club racing. Many new to the sport may not know the name, but anyone who has attended an event at Fleetwood will certainly know the face, whether it be serving cups of tea or flying the flags his modest but always welcoming approach makes it a pleasure to race at Fleetwood. Peter Whiteside is typical of many in our sport, giving much for the enjoyment of others, congratulations Peter.

The members welcomed both announcements with genuine pleasure and a sustained round of applause. Well done to both

Voting then took place on the Officers for the new Council with all proposed nominees being unanimously voted into office

Charles Smith was also elected as a new Vice President of the Association in recognition of his years of outstanding contribution to the sport; after which the chairman thanked Charles for his work over many years as the Editor of the Acquaint, finishing his brief speech by saying that Charles may be an impossible act to follow!

Any Other Business gave members the chance to ask some of those questions that were more personal to them, and to the relief of most in the room these were gentle natured and brief, allowing MYA Chairman Keith Coxon to call the meeting closed at 4.05pm allowing members a reasonable journey home.

Click HERE to read the individual officers reports and the minutes of the 2015 AGM. These are located in the Knowledge Base HERE under Association Documents


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