The 2014 AGM brought up some questions about how the sport could attract people and sustain itself moving forward, plenty of discussion followed and ideas pulled together, however it became apparent that an important part of solving any problems that there may be needed to start with the membership; finding out who they are, what they currently do and what they would like to do.

To help the Council collate this information a short questionnaire has been created to collect the members views and thoughts.

This is a voluntary process and can be totally anonymous if you wish, but to encourage participation the MYA are offering the chance to win £100.00 of MYA suppliers vouchers to anyone who takes part and includes their name and MYA Number. The Draw will take place at the 2015 AGM. All names and Numbers will be removed from the survey results once they have been received.

Please click on the link below or on the news menu to view and fill in the questionnaire- Your views are important.

2015 MYA Questionnaire

Thank you for your participation.



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