It’s not often that the IOM fleet complains of too much wind, but Sundays racing was a reminder that as an Island we are sometimes at the mercy of the elements. After the exciting racing of Saturday the fleet were tucked up early ready for the forecast breeze and weather of Sunday. However…….

Those who arrived early on Sunday morning were greeted by a dull lifeless lake with no breeze showing, never mind said PRO Chris Harris, it will come, forecast is for plenty don’t worry!

Well, the 1st seeding round took a couple of hours, with courses being set, reset, set again and finally run as the wind tried to make fools of the whole fleet, never mind how inventive Chris was with the course, the wind would double six him!

Seeding races were mainly a case of being in the right place at the right time, with only Brad Gibson showing his true form and commanding from start to finish, leading candidates were caught out by these conditions and Race 2 was to be the start of the climb back by many. This would have been great were it not for the wind gods; Heats D,C & B sailed in light but constant conditions and as the A heat lined up the breeze had built to a good A rig wind, some foretold of doom and others just crossed their fingers. The 1st lap was tight and the usual hard racing took place, however as the fleet started the 2nd lap the breeze suddenly rose with boats flattened everywhere, tacking became difficult and downwind a challenge, finally the breeze had arrived! After what appeared to be many minutes and with only a handful of boats having made it to the final leg the PRO abandoned the race (much to the frustration of race leader BG42 who was relishing the conditions).

After a 10 minute break to allow skippers to change to C rig the A heat was re run in a building breeze, this was West Kirby as we expected, however despite the quality of the fleet conditions were getting worse, even in C rig boats were struggling to tack, the waves were coming over the control area and the rescue boat was struggling to retrieve boats.

Image by Sue Brown

Image by Sue Brown

The race team called together all skippers and agreed that they would carry on if all were in agreement, no one wanted to quit, after all this is why we come to the Marine Lake……..

D heat hit the water, but it was just too much, the race ended with only a handful of finishers with sails failing and masts folding it wasn’t going to continue, Chris called a postponement for 30mins, this then went to 45 mins and it became apparent that the sensible option was to abandon sailing, not through trying but on Safety Grounds, it was becomes dangerous for the race team to run the event and ensure safe and fair racing for all.

So, there we have it, we left WK with big rollers, great breeze and glorious Sunshine……

Ah well, there’s always next time…

Although we only completed 2 races the results were declared with Brad Gibson beating Tony Edwards and Martin Roberts to the top spot.


Thanks to Chris Harris, The Birkenhead MYPBC and West Kirby SC for their efforts and making the weekend as enjoyable as it was. THANK YOU.

There were plenty of cameras around and hopefully we will get some good shots to show you later this week.

Full results for Day 2 below:



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