Due to circumstances beyond their control the POOLE RYC have requested permission to change the date of the 2015 RA Veterans Nationals and this has been agreed to by the MYA Race Team.

The following day will be the final round of the 2015 PRACC series.

Please see the revised date below.

radio aStatement below from the MYA Race Team and Council.

RA Vets Championship Date Change
Due to unplanned circumstances affecting venue availability, it has been decided by the MYA Emergency Committee (EC) to accept a proposal of from the host club’s secretary to change the date. Although not in compliance with race management regulations, it was deemed by the EC that the proposal was made entirely in the best interests of the sport.

The date change has been agreed by both the Class Captain and the host club. Currently there are no competitor entries in place and it is understood that skippers will not be unduly affected. By taking this decision now, the revised NOR can be published in time for online entries to be made.


So, RA Vets are Go, Get your Entries in…..

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