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With only 16 sleeps until the start of the 2016 MYA IOM Nationals at West Kirby, Graham Elliott of the Birkenhead RS&PC has sent in the following information:

BOAT STORAGE will be available in the Summer Pavilion at the club at the risk of the owner, could i also ask everyone to leave the place in a tidy condition as we may return for future races and will all want to store our boats again.

LEVEL of the lake can rise and fall slightly due to the tidal conditions, this means that sometimes you may get your feet wet when launching, wear shoes that are appropiate.

BANKS are all concrete, no grass to lay your boat on between racing, bring a blanket or towel to rest your boat on.

WEST KIRBY lake is a little like playing golf at a links coarse when we are all used to Augusta conditions, i would strongly advise skippers to have a look at the 2nd and 3rd rigs before the race.

PARKING can be a problem and there is strictly no parking on the apron to the lake or in the boatyard, road only.

WEST KIRBY lake is full of fine Irish Sea salt water, there will be a hosepipe available.

MEAL on Saturday, informal after sailing, the bar will be open, free to all skippers and volunteers.

WEST KIRBY club has a NO hats policy in the club house, the penalty for wearing a hat in the club house is a round of drinks for everyone in the club.

BREAKFASTS are an option to us if there are enough people wanting them, please indicate this info to me as soon as possible please.


HICKORIES……..smokehouse, very good if you like meat and only 2 minutes walk from the club. 

                         1, VILLAGE ROAD .CH48 3JN . 0151 559 3123

IRBY MILL……my favourite pub, small country pub, real ales, meals, 5 mins drive from lake, between West Kirby and Greasby.

                         174, MILL LANE. CH49 3NT. 0151 604 0194

WRO LOUNGE……Wifes favourite place to eat, make sure you eat in the lounge and not the bar over the road. 10 mins walk from lake.

                                  2 GRANGE ROAD. CH48 4DY. 0151 625 2010

MILAN…….Just a restaurant but a very good one and again 5 mins walk from lake, by a wedding cake shop that is worth a look in.

                        95, BANKS ROAD. CH48 0RB. 0151 625 6767

GREAVE DUNNING….Pub in Greasby that serves real ale and good meals, ideal for those staying at Premiere Inn at Greasby as only 10 minutes walk.

                                      73, GREASBY ROAD. CH49 3NF. 0151 606 1061

THE MANOR……..lovely warm atmosphere, next door to the GREAVE, 10 mins walk from Premiere Inn in Greasby

                                0151 677 7034


More information about the event and the area can be found on the Birkenhead RS & PC website HERE

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