The 2017 MYA SSI’s and 2017 Ranking Regulations are now available in the knowledge base.

2017 MYA SSI’s

2017 MYA Ranking Regulations

Although the changes are mainly housekeeping to tidy up wording and deal with changes created by the 2017-20 RRS there are a couple of important items to point out in the Ranking regulations.

  1. There is now only one set of regulations to cover rankings, this combines the old ranking points document and the ranking regulations in one document. The ranking points document is withdrawn.
  2. The qualifying period – this has been reduced from 30 weeks prior to an international event down to 20 weeks. It is felt that with modern communication there is no longer the need to have the 30 week period; an advantage to the MYA and skippers is that it will allow the ranking events held later in the year to be pushed back a little with a lower chance of the events not counting for an event- particularly European events which can occur from May onwards. It is hoped that this will aid some of the issues with weed and fixture congestion.
  3. Number of counting events – a small tweak to this to allow 3 events to score when 4 events are held rather than the previous 2, it was felt this will encourage participation and mean that in all instances more than 50% of qualifying events will count towards an individuals overall score.

These changes are effective 04/02/17 and will be posted on the website/knowledge base in the coming days.

If you have any questions please contact your District Councillor or the MYA Race Officer

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