The AGM and trade show takes place on the 24th November and is just a few weeks away.  This year is will be at Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club, Green Lane Warrington, WA3 1BQ.

Anyone with a camper will be able to arrive on the Friday afternoon and evening. They will need to book a slot with Peter Baldwin (Northern DC) who will supply an entry code for the compound and access to the clubhouse for toilets and washing facilities. Peter aims to arrive on site at 8am on the Saturday to open the clubhouse and start moving tables.

We would expect that the main room should be ready from 8:30, but if anyone arrives earlier, they could help to move tables etc and get the job done earlier. We would then be in a position to open the doors to visitors by 10am at the latest. We should be able to serve teas and coffees from 9am; any contributions of boxes of biscuits are welcomed.


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