Now it’s the turn of one of the smaller classes to have their turn in the National limelight, this time it’s the 6metre class. A full set of results will be published later so this is a quick heads up summary. 13 boats with a grand selection of Graham Bantock best designs, it what was a most difficult weather weekend. Bournville with a light Southerly breeze is not fun, it was hard work maintaining concentration in fitful conditions.

RO Vic Bellerson did a grand job, maintaining a reasonable pace with time out to clear your head. In the end, 26 races, but a very clear winner in Mark Dicks of the Clapham club. He had taken over Mick Shilington’s Roccoco and kept up his winning run with it. Shaun Holbeche from Fleetwood was second with his Ravenna, John Burgoine third with a Renaissance, Dave Alston brought a Romanza into fourth place. You can take your pick of GB’s designs but it was fair to say Mark sailed superbly all weekend.

More to follow later in the week.

Bill Green

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