A Class PRACC and Midland District A, Bournville 7/8 August 2020

Bournville have advised us that due to a very heavy weed and algae growth it is highly unlikely that the event could take place. Add into the equation the current restrictions for Covid19 and its clear that, unfortunately the event is going to have to be cancelled.

A Class PRACC 2020 Series

So many of the PRACC events have been lost to the understandable restrictions for Covid 19 that there are insufficient events to make the series meaningful so we have taken the hard decision to cancel the series for 2020. However, when we do return to competition, hopefully, later in the year if the host clubs are willing that the events for the A Class take place and we can once more enjoy sailing these cracking boats. We also have the chance for us to meet up again and enjoy one another’s company so let’s make the most of it. Don’t forget we brought into play the Classic Class so it will be good to see what gets dragged out of the shed to come out and play. If you take a look at either the Wooden R/C and Model Boats or the International A Class pages on Facebook you can see what Mike and myself have been up to along with several others.

A Class PRACC Series 2021

It would be fair to say that there is a lot of thought going on within MYA and the Districts as to what to do with the events for 2021, What we would like to do is to take the 2020 PRACC calendar and reuse for 2021 with the same respective dates and venues. That of course assumes that the host clubs are willing for that to happen, if the clubs are happy for that to happen then that’s 2021 sorted. If the clubs are not happy with that can they contact anyone of Peter, Mike or myself and we can agree any changes with you.

On a final note I’d love to be letting you know all sorts of good A Class things but I’m afraid the current circumstances are not conducive of that. On a positive note there’s the National at Manor Park in October to look forward to as well as the seasons finale’s at Gosport and Poole. All of which are still on as we write this, obviously things may change and we will keep you posted.

To all of you, keep well and see you soon.

Bill Green
A Class Captain

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