The MYA website is a great tool for us to communicate  news and reports to the outside world but it relies on input from the MYA and you the readers. Sometimes this can be difficult or time consuming, however the MYA twitter account and other class twitter accounts are a fantastic way of sharing news, gossip and fun in a less formal and more instant fashion so why not check them out and join in the banter.

The current twitter accounts that we know about are:

@ModelYachtingUK – The Official MYA twitter account

@MarbleheadUK – The Marblehead class twitter account

@10RatersUK15 – The twitter account for the 2015 10 Rater Nationals

@IRSASailing – The Official IRSA twitter account

If you know of any more why not tweet them to @modelyachtinguk and we will retweet to the world!

As with everything in the world today there is now a bit of a caveat……

The MYA has a social media policy that it has published to cover its activities and those of the members, please read and follow the guidelines. There is nothing “heavy” in it just common sense to allow everyone to enjoy the new digital age.

Social Media Policy HERE

Enjoy, tweet, tweet.

Coming next….. Facebook




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