Affiliated Clubs Encouraging Radio SAILing

An initiative by John Smith, supported by the MYA

Ladies and Gents,

ACERSAIL is an initiative to collect and collate data from OPEN Radio Sailing events during 2015 to provide the MYA Council with data using ACTUAL racing results to support its research into and consideration of Radio Sailing Activity.

I have therefore drafted this note which has the support of MYA Council and request that you support the exercise of data collection, the fundamental principle of ACERSAIL.  I believe that I have managed to pick up details of each District’s Open Events to form a schedule which I have partially populated and intend to continue to populate with your help in the provision of the results from the respective events that your club hosts.

I would like to ask just one thing of you:-

Would you please, when your club hosts an Open Radio Class event, send me an electronic copy of the final results which would contain at least:- the finishing order, the MYA number of the competitor, their name and the club they represent and would want their points to go to.

Whilst the format in which you send them is not critical, it would be helpful if you can avoid pdf format but ideally send a copy of the scoring file, normally in Excel or other spreadsheet format.

I am willing to receive, collate, calculate and publish the results.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am John Smith, the Sailing Secretary at Gosport.  I have been the sailing sec. at Gosport for pretty much all the years since 2000 with the exception of 4 (2 of which were when I was commodore).

If you would like to take a look at our full programme of events please go to www.gosportmybc.org.uk then select ‘Results’ and ‘Results 2015’  that will give you a clear idea of the volume of sailing we undertake.

When I say am happy to receive them, with our club programme to deal with, I can’t take the responsibility of chasing any results so if they are not sent, they won’t be included!

Collation is, in my view pretty straightforward and I already have built an Excel application to facilitate it.  I wrote the one that our vane Class Captain uses for the Vane League in her capacity as Vane League Secretary.  Calculation forms part of the application of course and publication would be via our club website.

I have been using, and would propose for the time being at least to continue to use a scoring methodology as follows:-

Any OPEN Radio Sailing event, as indicated in the MYA Handbook, thus including Class National Championships, Ranking events and any others that are genuinely OPEN without any restriction such as age for example could be included.

I produce summaries of results sorted within each individual class and an overall combination of classes, by Individual skipper, by Club and by District such that future discussion could use the analysis of that data to formulate a considered way forward.

As to actual scoring methodology – An event winner scores 100 points, the last placed boat would score 100 divided by the number of competitors in that event and each position between first and last would score the proportionate number of points.  I haven’t  proposed any other weightings, if for no other reason than I believe that this season should be used  to gather data for analysis.

Thanks for your time in reading this.

John Smith

The current facts and figures can be found HERE along with John’s contact details.


Please support this excellent opportunity to provide the MYA with real time and up to date facts and figures on our sailing activity.




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