At the recent AGM there was, for the first time during my Presidency, a contest for the Chairmanship of our Association, between Terry Rench and Phil Holliday. In accordance with our new Constitution, all members were asked to vote and the winner of the vote was Phil Holliday, who had been our Vice-Chair.

In addition to this change Darin Ballington, who had been our Racing Officer, stood for the post of Vice-Chair and was elected. So we have a change of leadership. I hope that you will all join me in thanking Terry for his work over the last four years and wish him well and look forward to seeing him on the start line.

I also hope that you will all welcome Phil and Darin (Chair and Vice-Chair) into their posts and give them every encouragement in their tasks ahead.

As Darin has moved from the Racing Officer’s position that leaves a vacancy, so if anyone amongst our 1800 members feels they have what it takes and would be kind enough to offer their services, I’m sure that Darin would be pleased to hear from you.

Looking forward to 2021 we can only hope for a better year than 2020 and that we can once again get back to sailing, racing, and meeting our friends for some good events.

Best wishes,
Derek Priestley

MYA President

Model Yachting Association

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