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Matter: Upgraded A, 10R, M Class Rules and Introduction/Explanation are published.

4th April 2016

Dear Members,

After a period of review/discussion the Executive Committee has voted in favour for the upgraded Class Rules. The new class rules are published from now and will be effective from July 1st 2016. There is an introduction to the changes to help you quickly understand the proposed major upgrades in the rules.

After more than 12 months, the IRSA Technical Committee’s work on the rules has now reach the final stage of development. Many thanks from the Executive Committee for their tremendous work and the great development of the consistent and modern new ruleset for the international classes.

These are also now published on the IRSA website.


Henning Faas

Publicity Officer, IRSA

Of particular interest to many skippers will be the release notes document below which outlines what you will need to do your boat to stay within compliance.

Release notes for Class Rules 2016

More Information can also be found on the IRSA website HERE

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