Radio or Free Sailing?

Until the early 1970’s there was no choice, it was Free Sailing or nothing, but with the introduction of modern electronics in the 70’s and 80’s the predominant discipline in the UK is now Radio Sailing.

The easiest way for the beginner to differentiate between the two disciplines is that the Radio Sailors will have a remote control transmitter in their hands and will be sailing around a course, where as the Free Sailors will be on a lake which allows access all the way round and will be sailing straight line courses.  They will also usually have a pole in their hands to “pole” their boats off the bank.

Both forms of the sport require their own set of skills with many of the most successful radio skippers having cut their teeth on Free Sailing where trimming the boat to sail in a balanced way is a fundamental skill.

Whichever version is your passion they will be split into classes to enable boats of similar designs to be raced against each other.

Another form which appeals to the Modeller and Restorer is the Vintage Group which helps to keep the heritage of our sport alive for people to see.

To find out more about the disciplines and classes sailed click on the images below.

Radio Sailing (click on the image to find out more)

close racing - image by Mike Parkington - click for larger version

Free Sailing (click on image to find out more)

Vintage Group (click on image to find out more)

Vintage Sailing

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