Hi Gents,
After more than a year negotiating with “the Council” we were delighted to have them supply us with a very suitable steel security cabin, as an on site Clubhouse.
This was perfect. A 21ft by 8ft steel “office” c/w security locks and security locking windows, wired for power, only needing to be fitted out for our purposes and hooked up to a small generator which we would supply.
The cabin was stolen after a week in position!
Unbelievable. This unit must have weighed in at approx. two tons.
I know that several MYA Clubs are using similar units as pondside storage/clubhouses and write to advise that there has been a spate of thefts of units like ours, using crane mounted lorries (HIABS).
These units should NOT be considered as safe places to keep expensive equipment in unless they are modified in such a way that they can be concreted into position, or “permanently” secured by other means.
Even if no costly gear is kept in them, they are valuable in their own right and are very expensive to replace.
This loss has knocked our growing Club back to where we were, without an identifiable focal point for our Club, pondside, and leaving us unable to provide the better facilities that we had hoped to have for  the many visiting Clubs, officials and competitors who come down to Irvine Beach Park for events both large and small.
Fair winds,
Gordon Neil (ABMYC

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