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Getting started in any new sport or hobby can be a frustrating and expensive process, particularly if you are encountering all the little quirks of a sport on your own!

Radio and Free Sailing are no different to many, but one of the great attractions of the sport is that we don’t sail on our own, there are over 100 clubs affiliated to the MYA and contacting your nearest one for help and advice could not be easier.

It is best to contact the local club before any decision is made about getting a boat – very few clubs sail all the classes. Deciding which yacht to start with can be quite an experience, but club members are usually quite knowledgeable about what is available, how to get hold of all the bits needed and even how to put them together. This information can save quite a lot of time and head scratching, and possibly even some cash. If you want to start sailing tomorrow there is a small second-hand market in boats. Again, the local club is one source of this sort of information as the bulk of these boats are sold via the club and inter-club grapevine.

There are a tremendous range of additional interests within model sailing: design and development of the yachts, construction techniques, racing theory and practice, publicity, organisation and management of races, are all within the compass of the sport. Anyone with a flair for any of these or with an abundance of just plain enthusiasm for yachts will always be welcome.

Contact your local District Councillor – these people know your area and the clubs around you. Use our specialist knowledge to help guide you in the exciting world of radio or free sailing.

The MYA has six districts – Scottish, Northern, Midlands, Eastern, Met & Southern and South Western, each district has a District Councillor, Senior Measurer, Secretary and often a Race Secretary to give help and advice locally.

You can find more information on the MYA Website HERE

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