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Results and Report: Sextant Trophy for 6M on 27 October at Lee Valley MYC

Henry Farley’s report:

Eight skippers arrived at Clayton Hill today which was one more than I expected. The extra was Geoff Earle from the Harwich & Dovercourt club who has made an entry using the MYA On-line system but somehow it never reached me or Keith.

There must be something in the air in Hertfordshire that makes some of us forgetful!  On Wednesday I went to sail IOMs with Norman, Keith and Malcolm only to find that I hadn’t put the boat in the car. Not that it mattered in the end as there was no wind so we had a leisurely chat and lunch in the car park before going home. Now perhaps it is contagious as today Malcolm arrived to find that he had packed his IOM instead of his Six!  We sent him home to fetch the Six but he has disappeared so we carried on without him.

The wind direction was awkward and initially it looked as if we should start from the far end, but before we could do so it changed to make the near end the better choice. With 6 as the windward mark, 4 the wing and 2 the leeward, we had a decent length of course but were a bit short of wind.

So it’s no surprise that Keith retained the trophy with a string of ones and twos. However it was Paul who made a super start in Race 1 with his Prismatic and led all the way home. Unfortunately he was not able to repeat the performance. Cliff’s and the third Prismatic were not really on song,  although in the last race they won by a country mile. There was not quite enough wind most of the time for me and the Revival to cause Keith much bother.  Derek and Steve had their moments in the lead but neither managed to turn them into a win. Geoff, a past winner of the event, had an off day which he put down to not having sailed sixes much this year, I expect the very light winds didn’t help.

Unfortunately there were not enough of us the run it as part of the trophy series despite Geoff’s unexpected appearance.


PS Malcolm found his way home and is OK. By the time he had unloaded the IOM he had run out of energy, so stayed at home!

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