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2023 DF65 Eastern District Race 3 and ED DF65 Championship

A little delayed, but here is the race report from this event…

Arriving at the lake Side at Coalhouse Fort Radio Yacht Club we were pleasantly surprised to find a nice solid Northerly breeze straight down the lake, just as forecast, but the wind gods were just teasing! As the last of the 16 skippers arrived a small cloud front moved over the Thames and stripping all wind from the lake before moving ENE but very light and shifty with growing gusts.

After the skippers briefing held by Buzz Coleman Race officer for the day The wind breeze filled enough to get sailing at 10:00. The first 5 or 6 races were sailed on basically a windward leeward course utilising a windward offset and leeward gate. However the ever changing direction meant a continuing number of course changes. With Dave Adams and Malcolm Price showing early consistency which, with the occasional hiccup, Set the tone of the day. A change came just before lunch with wind swinging NE.

 The start had to moved towards the bank and allowing a beat to the first mark to be achieved. The gate was also changed to a windward and offset mark keeping fleet separation. This seemed to be to Glenns liking allowing some consistency into his game.

From lunch onwards the breeze continued to build to 12Knts but with more easterly, requiring additional marks to be introduce allowing a zig zag course giving 2 solid windward legs to each of the 2 laps of the course. Apart from the start being regularly moved along the bank with the leeward end being a post which again moved frequently remained in place till the end of the day  and having completed 17 tough races time ran out. Dave continued with some dominating races with Malcolm, Glenn and Ronnie Bird (if only he could stop hitting marks) getting in on the action. Mention must be made of Tony Merrett’s performance at his first traveling event moving consistently last to attain a 5th and 8th, well done! This is what the Eastern District DF events are all about and hopefully more will follow his example.

My Thanks go to our club members for their support running the event and especially Terry Wright for stepping down from racing to give his much needed help, and of course George our Club Bosun for running the course/rescue boat as well as observing.

As for the ED DF65 Championship Only 4 of the 8 qualifiers were present, Glenn Meekcoms took the honours followed by Oliver Knowland, Geoff Howell and Steve Taylor in 4th.

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