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Results and Report: Tomlinson Vase for 6M at Dovercourt on 29th June

Nine yachts representing five clubs came to the line for this event, which was also the Eastern Region Championship and Race 2 of the 2002T competition. The wind was a light East South Easterly which enabled the OOD to set a beat using the full length of the pond. It was those skippers who had travelled the furthest who dominated the first race with Stan Cockeram ( Solent)  just ahead of Shaun Holbeche (Fleetwood), with local man Chris Esdale-Pearson third.

The extremely warm conditions meant that there were several breaks to proceedings to take on liquids and after the second Race, won this time by Shaun, the OOD abandoned his plan of 4 beats and shortened the course.

Shaun’s dominance continued in the next three races with Chris sailing consistently and Vinnie Zammit (despite suffering a discard) also well to the fore. Last year’s winner of the Vase, Neil Cousins, was coming into the picture with a second and a third in these races and David Kerridge gained his highest placing, finishing second in race 4, whilst further down the fleet Alan Bright and Nigel Featherstone were having a good battle in conditions which did not seem to favour them.

Race 6 onwards saw a big improvement in Geoff Earle’s performance,  registering a first place along with a second during the last 5 Races. Shaun and Chris remained the most consistent, with Vinnie not far behind. In the final scores, places 4 to 6, Neil, Geoff and Stan were covered by six points, showing a very keen middle of the Fleet battle.

Shaun’s six wins saw him a very deserved winner, whilst the host Club’s Commodore  Chris gave a sound performance and kept Vinnie at bay to finish   second. A very tired  set of competitors and race officials decided to call an end to racing, as temperatures rose to the high 20’s and one person revealed that he had walked 13Km.

Tomlinson Vase Winner: Shaun Holbeche,   2nd: Chris Esdale –Pearson,  3rd :Vinnie Zammit.

Eastern District Champion:  Chris Esdale- Pearson.


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Results: Lifeboat Pennant and EDCS Round 4 (IOM), 16 June

Nine skippers and boats arrived at Clayton Hill Park for the 2019 running of the Lifeboat Pennant and round 4 of the Eastern District IOM Championship Series.  The wind was more or less down the length of the lake from the far end but with a bit of near bank bias which meant that a really true start line was difficult to set.

Nevertheless the fleet soon found their own ways to deal with this with some starting on starboard tack and others on port.  Whilst this sounds like a recipe for disaster there were very few incidents and all were quickly settled on the water.  The wind strength and direction were both highly variable so a deal of skill and some luck was needed to get a good result.  You could be sure that you would have to tack several times on the leg to the windward mark – just where and when was where the skill came in.

Weed has fortunately not grown to a great extent on the areas that we sail but the local birds still fetch it up to catch us now and again so there were few catches today.

After 6 race we stopped for lunch at which point Mark had established a commanding lead with 11 points with John, Nick and Barry all on 19 points and the rest strung out fairly evenly behind.  Mark never lost his overall lead and won more races than anyone else.  During the afternoon Dave got into his stride to produce a string of 3rds, 2nds and wins to move up the honours list while other fell away.

So the eventual top spots were taken by
1st    Mark Dennis     29 points
2nd   Barry Raven     38 points
3rd    Dave Allinson    39 points.

The full results can be found below.

An anonymous donor provided bottles of wine for the top three, the photo shows Mark receiving his well-deserved first place bottle from Henry.


As the results show the event tended to be a BritPop benefit with them taking the top 4 places while Jim La Roche’s was doing well until his transmitter started giving him weird messages after race 3 and refused to work properly meaning Jim had to withdraw. Dave Allison suffered a boat battery failure in race 4 so was able to sail again in the next race once the battery had been replaced.  Similarly John Richmond had an electrical problem in the boat for race 3 but after a some fiddling and a battery change was OK thereafter.  Norman Clarke was not so lucky as his attempt to over come a problem after race 4  failed so he too had to withdraw after race 5.

As usual no entry fee was charged but during the lunch break a collection on behalf of the RNLI was made which gathered £71 which I will arrange to be sent to them.

Henry Farley

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Henry Johnson Memorial Trophy 2019: Results and Race Report (IOM)

Six club members plus John Richmond from the Chelmsford club turned out for the 2019 Henry Johnson Memorial trophy event at Clayton Hill on Sunday 26 May. The wind was of the promised/forecast strength and direction but with a lot of variation in direction, often in a very short time scale.

Keith excelled in handling the conditions, set the standard in the first half dozen races, won almost half of the races and won the event by a clear margin. The next three places were closely fought between Martin, John and Norman.  John won 5 races but had some much poorer scores that he could not discard.

Martin had only a couple of wins but by placing consistently a bit lower than John in others, finished up a couple of points ahead to take second place. Norman also managed a couple of wins  but discarded most of his poor scores to match John on points but by virtue of his 5 wins John took 3rd spot with Norman in 4th.

Henry’s partner Jean presenting the trophy to Keith Tindall

The rest of the scores climbed steeply though Derek managed a win and three seconds and Nick got a couple of seconds. The less is said about the remaining competitor the better!

We were a little fearful that weed may play a part as though it doesn’t seem to have grown a lot yet, the birds do drag it up for us to collect on our keels.  Fortunately only Nick and I found it and only a couple of time between us.

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