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Yare Cup: Race Report and Results (IOM, Norwich MYC, 3rd March)

Twenty Skippers, the greatest number for many years entered the event from six different clubs in the Eastern Region, however on the day seventeen skippers came to the start line, they were

Nigel Featherstone Broads 21 MX16
Nick Lee Cambridge 20 TS2
Neil Cousins Broads 78 Robot
Terrance Burton Broads 76 Britpop
Mark Dennis Chelmsford 19 Britpop
Geoff Josey Broads 176 Kantun S
Ian Self Norwich 85 MX14
Graham Nelson Norwich 17 Britpop
Simon Purdon Norwich 175 MX14
David Perkins Cambridge 71 Sedici
Mark Quayle Norwich 120 Widget
Eric Curtis Norwich 89 Vision
Duncan Ellis Norwich 37 Britpop
Jim LaRoche Coalhouse Fort 55 Britpop
John Hanton Broads 47 Corbie 1
Stuart Jessup Cambridge 110 Britpop
Colin Goodman Chelmsford 61 Britpop

The forecast that everyone expected of gale force winds and rain courtesy of storm ‘Freya’ failed to materialise at the start, but came in later in the day so as not to disappoint! For the most part it was mild with the occasional shower in fact typical NMYC Open meeting weather!

The race team consisted of Vinnie Zammit as R.O., course setter and start line judge, assisted by Alan Bright as assistant R.O. with responsibility for the finish line, Robert Owen as observer and Beryl Bright as Scorer assisted by Nigel Featherstone and his box of tricks!

Skippers briefing given by Vinnie.

After the briefing everyone was looking at the weather and wondering where the wind had gone. However racing got underway promptly with a testing course of a long beat to windward followed by a port rounding to a short wing leg then another port rounding with a long run to a leeward gate, with two laps prescribed and a final beat after rounding the leeward gate for the second time to a finish line 2/3rds up the beat.

The first race due to a lack of wind took 25 minutes to complete and was won by Colin Goodman, Jim LaRoche in second and Terry Burton third.  Race two was shortened to a single lap but if anything there was even less wind with the inevitable holes and took just as long to complete, This time won by Terry Burton followed by Colin Goodman. If anyone had their crystal ball it would have foretold that these were the skippers to beat.

Bankside activity but not much wind on the water.

After just two races it was decide to have an early lunch in the hope that the forecast winds would materialise.

After lunch the weather was looking better but in order that a reasonable series of races could be completed all future races were kept to one lap only, a decision which enabled a series of 14 races to be completed.

The racing continued in a very light hearted manner with skippers in general being very courteous both on and off the water. With so many boats racing together and in the increasing winds there was always the possibility of boats broaching especially in the latter races, the fact that there were no serious mishaps is evidence of the skippers sportsmanship. There were several instances of leading boats upon rounding the leeward gate having to negotiate slower boats still running down, especially when the lead boats invariably went onto the favoured port tack for the finish line whilst the running boats were on starboard and therefore technically had right of way. Almost without exception the running skippers were seen to change course away from the leading boats in order that either boats race was not affected by a collision.

The two leading boats on the day battle it out on the final beat to the finish line, No.76, Terry Burtons ‘Kantun 2’ although to leeward of Colin Goodman’s ‘Britpop’, appears to be pointing slightly higher. This was race 12 when Colin won with Terry in 2nd place.

As a builder myself I noted how John Hanton was putting together a series of good races with his wooden Corbie 1 to end up in 4thplace overall.

The starts were generally well disciplined with no skippers trying a port end start, which with 17 boats might have been a bit risky!  During the afternoons session Graham Nelson who was not having a good day with Vinnies ‘Britpop’ dropped out after race 5 and helped out as an observer. A few skippers changed down to No.2 rig as the wind increased, including the eventual winner Colin Goodman. However he soon changed back up when his results started to suffer in races 9 and 10 when he recorded his worst finish positions of 4thand 9th.

Not much room for error! (the wooden Cobie on the immediate left).

The event was stopped after 14 races shortly after 3.00 pm when the light started to fail making it difficult for judges to determine sail numbers on the water.

After a quick clear up the prize giving took place with Colin Goodman getting the Yare Cup and a bottle of wine with the next five skippers getting a bottle of wine. All skippers were voluble in their appreciation of the event and to NMYC for hosting a good day.

Official Results


Colin Goodman receives the Yare Cup from Beryl (our scorer)
Terry Burton finished in second place.
Duncan Ellis in third place
Eric, is there something Alan should know! Hopefully Eric Curtis is just happy to have finished 6th and won a bottle of wine!
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