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The 2019 MERMAID Trophy
A beautiful sunny day at Abbey Meads was the scene for the 40th Mermaid Trophy celebration of Marblehead racing. The only thing missing was the forecast steady north-westerly breeze. Full of holes and variation from north to west, the unpredictable wind provided a real challenge for the 14 competitors.

Darin Ballington sailing his GRUNGE handled this brilliantly in the morning with an amazing scoreline of firsts, with Peter Stollery and his UPFRONT chasing.

After lunch the wind became stronger and more westerly and Peter copied Darin’s performance with 5 firsts and his overall consistency won the day and the beautiful Mermaid Trophy.

Other race winners included John Cleave, who like Peter was at the first Mermaid and Colin Walton, who was sailing his GRUNGE out of his skin to finish third and take the Vic Cooney Trophy, as the best veteran.

New radio racer, Phil Elford, who was sailing a Marblehead for the first time also won a race sailing Roger Stollery’s UP, which was quite a remarkable achievement in such company. He is a full-size sailor and thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of sailing 13 very competitive races.

Brief report by Race Officer Roger Stollery 2019-03-24

1st Peter Stollery Guildford UP 17
2nd Darin Ballington Manor Park GRUNGE 27
3rd Colin Walton Manor Park GRUNGE 42
4th John Cleave Ryde GRUNGE 55
5th Martin Crysell Guildford PRIME NUMBER 57
6th Phil Elford 3 Rivers UP 78
7th Roger Pearce Frensham Pond PRIME NUMBER 80
8th Les Thorn Hawley Lake PARADOX 92
9th Rob Vice Guildford UPROAR 88
10th Tim Townsend Medway RYC ROAR EDGE 89
11th Alan Viney Guildford PRIME NUMBER 92
12th David Coode Guildford PIRANHA 113
13th John Townsend Guildford ROK 117
14th Nick Royse Frensham Pond CRAZY TUBE FREE 123

Link to the full results 2019 Mermaid

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