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Hello M&S District members.
The Clapham club are hosting the District championship for the Footy class on September 27th and hence the class is coming to your door step. I have 4 yachts to loan out (and can arrange more if needed) for anyone to race on the day and see if you like the class.
Their small size allows for very easy transportation along with the opportunity to quickly and cheaply build and develop ideas in either Hull design or sails.
The class today is split between short fat boats that fit inside the box in a standard foot long manner and those which go the narrower diagonal route to gain extra waterline length. There are even some folks that also try to go double diagonally to gain even more length and the rig configurations make these some very strange looking yachts!
But that is all part of the joy of this small but very challenging class.
It’s dimensions would give an extra option to sail on any lake when the depth is low and if anyone wants to try something new then this could be right up your street
I will be running the event so please let me know if you are interested in joining us on Sunday September 27th for a day of jovial but competitive racing. Trophy and prizes will be awarded on the day, entry fee will be £3
For more about the class browse to
Even if you don’t officially enter (online entry form via footy site or M&S sites) I hope to see you there and I’m sure we can get a transmitter into your hands for a race or two, or three!
Rob Vice

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