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BRASS MONKEY event and final GAMES 8

After a night of heavy rain the race team were lucky when arriving at Abbey Meads Lake that it was blue sky and sunshine. However, the wind did not arrive as the forecast 8 to 10 mph, although it was in a southerly direction giving a long beat and run course along the western control area. It was light and patchy and very frustrating at times. As well as the long course for the 12 Marbleheads, a shorter course was set for the 3 BOTTLE boats. 8 races were sailed with the BOTTLE boats setting off at 30 seconds before the Marbleheads, with the intention that they should finish together, which did happen as shown in the photograph with Steve Hill’s green sailed 72 out in front of Colin Goodman’s Marblehead 61 as they approached the finishing line.

The racing started in very little wind with Peter Stollery sailing his UPFRONT winning Race 1, whilst at the back of the fleet 8 year old Oliver Stollery, racing a Marblehead for the first time was delighted that his 20 year old ROAR EDGE was able to overtake 5 boats on the run down to the gate and finish in that position. Peter also took Race 2, but then let John Shorrock’s QUARK streak away into a big lead in Race 3 and was never challenged, although Trevor Binks sailing his PRIME NUMBER closed the gap towards the end of the race.

After a particularly quiet period, Martin Crysell called a stop for lunch, which included mulled wine, hot sausage rolls and mince pies provided by the club in the gazebo.

After lunch there was a little bit more wind, more from the south-east, which required a change of course to suit. After 3 podium finishes in the morning, Colin Goodman sailing a GRUNGE won Race 4 and was 2nd in Race 5 to Trevor. Then it was the turn of John again to take Race 6, before letting Phil Holliday racing his NIOUTRAM sail away into a big lead in Race 7. In the final Race 8 Colin came to the front again, with Trevor 2nd and Peter 3rd.

In the BOTTLE boat event the results were dominated by Steve Hill, as he counted 5 firsts in the 6 races sailed, being only beaten by 6-year-old Nathan Stollery in Race 3.

As is traditional at Guildford’s Christmas event there is no entry fee except a wrapped present and so at the prize giving everyone went away with something special and unknown, as well as the winners collecting their trophies. As well as the MONKEY and the BOTTLE trophies presented to Colin and Steve, the Midgley Memorial Mug was presented to Roger Stollery as the winner of the 8 event GAMES series.

Marblehead results:
1st Colin Goodman Chelmsford GRUNGE – 11 and winner of the BRASS MONKEY
2nd Trevor Binks Eastbourne PRIME NUMBER – 19
3rd Peter Stollery Guildford UP – 21
4th Roger Stollery Guildford UP – 21 and winner of the MIDGLEY MEMORIAL MUG for the GAMES series
5th John Shorrock Datchet QUARK – 23
6th Phil Holliday Datchet NIOUTRAM – 27
7th Nick Royse Frensham Pond CRAZY TUBE FREE – 34
8th Alan Viney Guildford PRIME NUMBER – 38
9th Les Thorn Hawley Lake PARADOX – 41
10th Oliver Stollery Guildford ROAR EDGE – 49
11th Peter Dunne Woking STARKERS – 51
12th Martin Crysell Guildford PRIME NUMBER – 63

BOTTLE boat results:
1st Steve Hill Frensham Pond – 4 and winner of the BRASS MONKEY BOTTLE
2nd Keith Parrott Frensham – 8
3rd Nathan Stollery Guildford – 9

2018-12-16 Brass Monkey scoresheet

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