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Report & Results – M&S District Marblehead Interclub & GAMES 3 – 2020

Report by Richard Lord – Three Rivers RYC

13 boats entered for this prestigious event at 3 Rivers Radio Yachting Club, Bury Lake, Rickmansworth and were greeted by bright sunshine and a moderate 14 – 18 mph SW wind with occasional and brief stronger squalls, forecast as twice this. Regrettably 2 competitors broke their boats and took early baths, leaving 11 to compete over 16 races.

The SW wind direction gave a good long windward course with a spreader mark and a gate at the leeward marks, which gave some really good racing over two laps. Much discussion was undertaken amongst the sailors as to which rig to use, and several rig changes throughout the day by a number of them – and they still did not really know who got it right at the end of the day! These stronger winds resulted in several boat failures and by the last race, only 7 were sailing. The busiest persons of the day were those in the safety boat with, in excess of, 5 boats rescued.

Racing was exciting and unpredictable in the main. Initially, Peter Stollery looked to be the hot favourite, winning the first 3 races, but he peaked too early and in Race 5 the mast of his C1, which was the most favoured rig, failed completely. Colin Goodman seemed to struggle a little with a second and two thirds: the latter thirds later becoming his discards, as he won most of the remaining races. David Adam sailed consistently with his brand new GRUNGE with mostly seconds and thirds, with Peter Stollery generally a place behind.

After 16 races with 3 discards (and time for the start of the Carabao Cup Final) the result was a convincing win for Colin Goodman (15 points). Second was David Adam (36 points) and third was Peter Stollery (37 points). At the prize giving, the winners gave thanks to Peter Popham and his team for a most enjoyable and well run competition.

Overall results:

1st Colin Goodman (Chelmsford) GRUNGE 15pts
2nd David Adam (3 Rivers) GRUNGE 36pts
3rd Peter Stollery (Guildford) UP 37pts
4th Roger Stollery (Guildford) UP 49pts
5th Martin Crysell (Guildford) PRIME NUMBER 63pts
6th Vinnie Zammit (Norwich) NIOUTRAM 69pts
7th Dick Grainge (3 Rivers) STARKERS 76pts
8th John Male (3 Rivers) STARKERS 107pts
9th John Howell (3 Rivers) QUARK 115pts
10th Peter Dunne (Woking) STARKERS 131pts
11th Phil Elford (3 Rivers) UPROAR 143pts
12th Alf Reynolds (Chelmsford) ROCKET 153pts
13th John Horsefield (3 Rivers) FRA 169pts

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Report on the Chipstead IOM Unicorn Trophy Open Meeting & Met & Southern IOM Round 1, on 9th February

Chipstead IOM Unicorn Trophy Open Meeting & Met & Southern IOM Round 1, on 9th February 2020

Sunday dawned damp and very windy as Storm Ciara swept through the UK with severe weather warnings in place for the south east of England. Four brave souls arrived at Chipstead to contest the Chipstead IOM Unicorn Trophy and the first round of the 2020 Met & Southern Championship. Trevor Binks and Colin Hatton from Eastbourne joined Chipstead members, Vernon Appleton and Barrie Martin. They were clearly outnumbered by the nine Chipstead race crew who turned out to manage the event. Days with a good rig 3 breeze are quite infrequent, but Storm Ciara was offering just a little on the top.
With a 200 metre windward leeward course laid, the briefing was given by the race officer. The first race commenced just after 10:00am with the wind strength at 35mph and gusts adding another 20 mph. Racing was quite close as the sailors battled the wind and waves upwind and then turned to surf rapidly on the downwind legs. Three boats were running rig 3 with Colin Hatton bravely running rig 2. A rig 3 is maybe on his wish list.
Trevor took race one, but as the morning progressed Vernon took races two, three and four. It was clear that one tacking mistake was allowing for a change of lead at the front of the fleet. Trevor suffered from jib sheet snagging issues in races two and four, whilst Colin split his mainsail in race two. He retired to the clubhouse and executed a quick fix and was back on the water for race three. A poor result could be mitigated by the small number of competitors and was helping to keep the event interesting.
In race six, Vernon had a jib sheet snap which caused a retirement, Barrie was suffering from boat control issues and also retired, leaving Trevor to come home ahead of Colin The sailors all agreed to take an early lunch at 12:15pm with Linda and Robin Aldcroft serving up a delicious shepherds pie to all who wanted a portion or three as the numbers were limited. Lunch was topped of with a fabulous selection of cakes and a hot drink.
Racing restarted at 13:15 with the gale now blowing even harder. Vernon had a good start and led the whole way round race seven, albeit closely followed by Trevor. Colin suffered from radio issues and retired. His boat was quickly chased down by the club power boat before it could reach the overhanging trees on the far bank. Trevor took race eight followed by Vernon and Barrie. Colin was unable to resolve his radio issues and withdrew.
Race nine saw Vernon sneak into a small lead which he kept to the finish. Trevor’s main sheet then snapped and he was rushing to the clubhouse to fix his boat. At 14:15pm as Trevor was in the clubhouse, the wind stepped to another level and as the rain became really heavy, the remaining two sailors decided to call it a day.
The Chipstead crew brought in the marks in torrential rain and gusts surpassing 60 mph.
The sailors retired to the clubhouse to be served hot drinks and more excellent cake.
Results were calculated and prizes were presented to the first four.

Thank you to all the sailors and to my crew who efficiently ran an exciting open meeting in very challenging conditions. Dave Allinson – Race Officer


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Result of Fred’s Big Toephy 2020

FRED’S BIG TOEPHY Sunday 2nd February, at Guildford Model Yacht Club.

10 entries from 5 clubs sailed 15 races on a blustery day at Abbey Meads lake, Chertsey. Race Officer Martin Crysell set a simple windward leeward course for the WSW wind and operated from the southern control area. There were some very strong gusts and initially these Footys were in their smallest, but one rigs.
The conditions favoured Peter Shepherd’s FAT BOY design and although pressed by Peter Jackson’s IBEX and Roger Stollery’s ICE at times, he won the first 5 races. This run of wins would have continued except that he lost Race 6 to Roger. During the afternoon the wind became much lighter with big calm patches in the centre of the course and bigger rigs came out of the sail bags. This made a big difference to young Oliver and Nathan Stollery, who won Races 13 and 14 respectively. Not to be outdone, Peter Shepherd in a frustrating dying breeze won the last race after a battle with David Wilkinson’s single sailed wooden BREITHORN.

The prizewinners thanked Guildford Model Yacht Club’s Race Team, RO Martin and scorer Peter Dunne, for running another good Footy event at the start of the 2020 Footy racing series.

1st Peter Shepherd Abington Park FAT BOY 14
2nd Roger Stollery Guildford ICE 32
3rd Peter Jackson Abington Park IBEX 40
4th David Wilkinson Whitefriars SC BREITHORN 53
5th Oliver Stollery Guildford ICE 61
6th Nathan Stollery Guildford ICE 71
7th Sid Sims Birmingham ICE 80
8th Keith Parrott Frensham Pond ICE 85
9th Mark Mortimore Guildford ICE 119
10th Tony Butler Birmingham ICE 120

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Marblehead GAMES 13 and final results 2019

Brief GAMES Report for 2019
This year it has been particularly successful with the Midland District, as well as the Eastern District, taking part and giving the opportunity for another 29 Marblehead sailors to take part compared with last year. The total figure is 66 which is 50% more than the Marblehead sailors who took part in ranking events this year. The entry to the BRASS MONKEY by the enthusiastic guys from Cotswold was particularly encouraging as they are thinking of running an open Marblehead event next year at their new lake. They may well be willing to run another open in 2021 as a GAMES event, which spreads the events to 4 districts, which would be very good news.

At the finale GAMES 13 on Sunday 14th December Colin Goodman was presented with the MIDGLEY Memorial MUG for winning the 2019 GAMES with a perfect score of 500 points and having to discard 100 points in his 6th event! There were very few ‘improvers’ as most of the returning sailors got lower place positions than in 2018. However, Michael Howard from the Broads club won the Improvers Prize finishing 8 places above last year in 25th place and the only other improver was Oliver Stollery who finished 3 places above last year in 32nd place; sadly he was the only junior competing, but nevertheless eligible for the Junior prize. However mention must be made of Peter Dunne who was last year’s improver and this year didn’t go either up or down, but maintained his 16th place!

2020 has another 10 GAMES events and will no doubt encourage more ordinary club members to go to Marblehead open meetings. These are listed on the Guildford Model Yacht Club website and will be also listed in the MYA YEARBOOK when it comes out in January hopefully in advance of the GAMES 1 event at Chipstead.

The seasons results are to be found  HERE

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M&S IOM Series Round 6 at Chipstead – Report and Results

Chipstead SC Radio Sailing held the IOM Final Round 6 of the Met & Southern Series open meeting on the 23rd November 2019. All the main contenders where present with other IOM skippers from a number of clubs being welcomed by Dave Allinson and Peter Crisp who was the Race Officer for the day.

The day started with drizzle and light winds but the weather improved during the day although the wind remained light. However the wind direction allowed a good course to be set only requiring a small change in the afternoon this resulted in 16 races being run.

The racing was very close throughout the fleet. However in the morning Dave Allinson managed to score well to take a small lead over Trevor Binks at lunchtime. The next 3 places were also hotly contested by 4 boats all being within 1 point of each other.

The lunch break was welcomed, giving an opportunity to get enjoy a Pasta Bolognaise and bread, a hot drink and cake, laid on by the Chipstead SC Radio Sailing members.

Assistant race officer, Garven McKie, continued to keep the racing going with back to back races. The afternoon saw Trevor pull ahead with some good results by the chasing group Mike Adams, Martin Graham, Vernon Appleton and Stuart Ord-Hume.

Overall it was an enjoyable day’s racing for all those who attended. Special thanks were given by the prize-winners to the Chipstead Club members who ran the event and provided the catering.

The results of the final round of the Met & Southern Event

1st Trevor Binks
2nd Dave Allinson
3rd Martin Graham
4th Mike Adams
5th Stuart Ord Hume

Full results and pictures being shown below

Dave Allinson then calculated and presented the Met & Southern Trophy to the winners in the overall series event. The Overall Series result being 1st Trevor Binks, 2nd Vernon Appleton, and 3rd Dave Allinson. Pictures below.

There is no doubt that this radio sailing club has fantastic facilities, very well suited to running events with a large lake with good access on the banks and the clubhouse and excellent launching facilities right in the centre of the activity.

Report by Peter Crisp Secretary Chipstead SC Radio Sailing (Race Officer for the event)

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2019 Stan Cleal Trophy, Marblehead GAMES 12 at 3 Rivers RYC – Report and Results

This Marblehead open event is the penultimate event of the GAMES series and attracted 10 entries from 3 clubs. Upon arrival there appeared to be no wind at all and when a boat was launched it took what seemed like forever to get to the nearest mark and back. Race Officer Peter Popham delayed the start of racing by half an hour, by which time there was the faintest of air movement in varying directions. The RO set a short triangular course to take into account this variation and set two laps. Those who had practised and had got their sail settings to work gradually pulled away in Race 1 from the rest to such an extent that Roger Stollery’s UP, Phil Holliday’s GRUNGE and Martin Crysell’s PRIME NUMBER had lapped several back markers before finishing!

Graham Hetem 60 and Roger Carter 09 get the best start

Weed affected Phil in the next, to let Roger win again with Martin Crysell on his tail. In Race 3 David Adam had got his jib setting properly on his QUARK and won from Roger and Martin. David won again in the last race before lunch to head the leaderboard with 11 points, ahead of Martin 12 and Roger 13.
The single lap races in the afternoon helped the pace of the event and Race 5 allowed Martin to win from David and Phil. Race 6 and 7 were won by Roger. At the start of Race 7 his UP and Phil Elford’s UPROAR showing off their boat speed in these conditions and pulled away from fleet having a private battle of their own. In the last race on the day local skipper John Carter sailing a QUARK was delighted to be able to pull away to win from David and Phil.

Graham Hetem 60 and Phil Holliday 66 chase the leader round the windward mark
David Adam 36 and Phil 66 (with the wake!) chase Roger Stollery 117 at the leeward mark
Martin Crysell 52 leads to win Race 5

At the prize giving Roger thanked Peter for keeping us racing in difficult conditions and the rest of the 3 Rivers race team for having the patience to record the results in the very cold conditions.

The final GAMES event for 2019 reaches a climax at the Brass Monkey event at Guildford on Saturday 14th of December, when the main contenders for the Midgley Mug will be Colin Goodman, Roger Stollery, Darin Ballington, Martin Crysell and Phil Holliday and with the Improver’s and junior prizes up for grabs.

1st Roger Stollery Guildford UP 10
2nd David Adam 3 Rivers QUARK 12
3rd Martin Crysell Guildford PRIME NUMBER 16
4th Phil Holliday Datchet GRUNGE 16
5th John Carter 3 Rivers QUARK 26
6th Phil Elford 3 Rivers UPROAR 30
7th Keith Allen 3 Rivers STARKERS 31
8th Graham Hetem Datchet QUARK 41
9th Dick Grainge 3 Rivers STARKERS 44
10th Hugh McAdoo Datchet F5 62

RO Peter Popham presents the prize to the winner, Roger Stollery
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