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RG65 Traveller Series At Datchet Saturday 9 September

The current entry list for Saturdays racing at Datchet Water Radio Sailing Club is as follows. However if you fancy entering please contact terry rensch via email with your details before 9pm tonight and your in !!

  1. Wayne Stobbs        Sith           54        Gosport
  2. David Brown           Sledge      73        Eastbourne
  3. Phil Holliday            Argon        66        Datchet Water
  4. Nigel Brown             Scurry       55        Gosport
  5. Noel Donaldson       Argon        29        Watermead
  6. Colin Moss               Scurry       96        Eastbourne
  7. Chris Foreman                           61       Portsmouth
  8. Peter Dunne                               85       Radio Sailing Woking
  9. Alex Cory                                    34       Gosport
  10. Tobi Laux                 Nuraghe    161
  11. Roger Dunklin          Sliver          77       Watermead

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