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WoW! event 2

The WoW! event was very successful and very pleasurable as far as Roger was concerned, as the organiser. We had Chris Judd from Eastleigh/Gosport who brought a DF 95, John Price from Reading who also bought a DF 95, George Cannon with his wife, Shirley, who had come after watching the Fred’s Big Toephy a few days before. They brought a Footy sporting a rig given by Peter Shepherd, a Micro Magic and a DF 65. Roger came with 2 BOTTLE boats and his new 10 rater UP4FUN and Alan Viney brought his PRIME NUMBER Marblehead. Also ace vane A class designer Jon Simpson, came with his 13 year old son Jeremy. One of our potential new members, Charles Ward-Tetley, who has bought a DF 95, but not yet rigged it, was pleased to be part of the coaching session and also enjoyed the BOTTLE boat. So it was well supported and with all these boats afloat on the water there was a lot of sailing done and we even had half a dozen races which were very interesting. George Cannon’s wife, Shirley really enjoyed sailing the whole afternoon with a BOTTLE boat and her Micro Magic, sailing from her wheelchair. She kindly took some photographs, which now form the attached pic page.

All the DF sailors were really pleased to have the advice on rigging and particularly the John from Reading, who also has an IOM and a really nice 10 rater, MAGGOT. He promised to bring it next time. Like our evening workshops, Chris Judd whose boat was better rigged than the other one helped by his experience of sailing this boat. Roger would have replaced all rubbishy Dyneema and replaced it all with better quality smoother Dyneema because it was so difficult to move the plastic bowsies across the textured line to make the necessary adjustments to the trim.

Roger had great pleasure in sailing one of his BOTTLE boats as they are fantastic boats to sail, so responsive, lively and manoeuvrable. Roger did also sail the better of the 2 DF 95s and despite having the same 2 kg displacement in comparison it was not quite so responsive even after the tuning of the rig/sails at the beginning of the event. However these 4 boats made a good match in these light weather conditions.

Young Jeremy sailed the Marblehead/10 rater all afternoon and not having sailed a radio boat before he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Everyone got this simple message more than once, not just at the bottom of Roger’s little cards handed out to all attendees; “if in doubt let them out”!”

WoW! After Lunch Events start at 2 PM and depending on the weather, finish at about 5 PM. The next one is on Wednesday, 8th May, 2019. Please check on the GMYC website for the dates of other WoW! events.

If you want to come, you MUST phone Roger on (01483) 421801 either before or on the morning of the WoW !

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