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Dear enthusiasts,
This is just a reminder of next Wednesday afternoon’s WoW! event. Please let me know if you are coming, in the morning of the event.

The 2nd of Guildford Model Yacht Club’s WoW! events is this coming Wednesday afternoon, 17th April at our lake at Abbey Meads, Chertsey. WoW! Stands for ‘Workshop on Water’ and will not only cover SAIL TRIMMING but many other subjects. ALL CLASSES of boats are most welcome to take part and it is all free! These will allow you to test your trims and get more out of these ‘live outdoor’ coaching sessions as well as having a bit of fun on the water, practising things like starts, mark rounding and other sometimes novel activities.

Abbey Meads Lake, is one of the best lakes in the south, which recently has had a makeover with all the lakeside trees cut down and we invite you to come and take part and enjoy this fabulous water. Fantastic visibility from raised banks and two launching platforms on West and South banks to suit the wind direction. Again, all of the details are shown on the following WoW! event document. Please note that if you want to come you MUST phone Roger on (01483) 421801 in the morning of Wednesday 17th April as noted  on the message below.

All who attend or take part will receive a little card reminder about sail setting.

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday afternoon!

Cheers, Roger



Workshop On Water
Guildford Model Yacht Club is introducing new Wednesday After Lunch Events for 2019. Based on the most successful of our winter Friday Evening Workshops – SAIL TRIMMING, we will be holding summertime coaching Workshops on our Abbey Meads Lake, which will be completely free.

World Vane Marblehead Champion, Roger Stollery, will be passing on his great experience in radio, vane and full-size sailing to help YOU get the best out of your boat. This may help YOU to enjoy your sailing more and be more competitive than those who miss out on these WoW events.

Every class of boat is invited to Abbey Meads Lake whether you are a one design sailor of the DF classes, where it is only your sailing skill that gives YOU the difference, or the fine tuning of IOM’s, or the swing rigs of the M and 10 rater classes.

WoW! events are designed to be FUN and not just about sail trimming. During the 9 event WoW series there will be coaching sessions to practise things like starting, and every aspect of sailing round the course. As well as sailing windward, leeward and reaching courses, honing YOUR skills in finding the best winds etc, there will be one session with a short FUN course against the clock that you won’t have used before. This will show why YOU have to talk to each other, sail in a straight line, tack on the shifts both up and down wind and avoid contacts at all costs.

Inevitably, when there are a few boats on the water there will be some racing for YOU to try out your new trims etc. You will enjoy sailing at Abbey Meads, one of the best lakes in the south with fantastic visibility from the high level control areas. GMYC are skilled at running more than one class at once to provide FUN and a challenge for all sizes of boat.

WoW! After Lunch Events start at 2 PM and depending on the weather, finish at about 5 PM. The first one is on Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019. Please check on the GMYC website for the dates of other WoW! events.

If you want to come, you MUST phone Roger on (01483) 421801 either before or on the morning of the WoW !

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