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18th Marblehead World Championship, Biblis Germany.




Four Midland District skippers (Darin Ballington, Chris Harris, John Smith & Colin Walton) are in Biblis challenging for the Marblehead World Championship. See latest results here: M results.

Final roundup.

Now Colin has returned home we managed to get a few more pictures from him.













Day 4 Jottings.

Congratulations go to Brad Gibson for adding the Marblehead Worlds to the Ten Rater Worlds. The top Midland District skippers were Chris Harris (5th), Darin Ballington (11th), John Smith (40th), and Colin Walton (71st). Colin sent a few pictures back yesterday evening here:

































Day 3 jottings.

8 Echo heat have been called 3 times to the lake A, only for the wind to drop each time. It is now14.10 and that is the only sailing today. I am good at running back and forth while everyone else offers useless encouragement.

Can highly recommend the strawberry sponge made behind the Biblis club counter.

















Day 2 jottings.

Amazing venue and preparation at Biblis. 

Everyone was in ‘A’ rig all day.

Finding it hard to write a piece as John was black flagged twice so needs 2 discards to lose the twice 77 points.

I have struggled to get out of E fleet as the rig tightened itself up overnight and caused the Starkers cubed to luff up all the time.

We drank even more water over 4 litres per head in the humid heat.

The champions are into A and B fleets with around 7 Brits in each typically.

A bit of a 1 hour wait while the protest with a Russian was resolved in mutual incomprehension. He was in the right and could not say so.

The weather forecasts are total rubbish and I am never going to look again as they are not even correct 50% of the time. The thunderstorm never appeared, and we moved all our kit into the marquee first.

Local food this evening with cheese and sausage with gherkins and onions. There is a lot of cheese in every form.







Here are Colin’s jottings from Day 1.

The Brits are definitely here dominating ‘A’ heat. Then we seem to fall into groups of 3 Brits down to about 63rd out of 76.

The wind has kept us on our toes with the same ”constant wind shifts” ?? experienced during the Ten Rater World Championship.

Big gusts appeared causing the A rigs to dig in and shoot anywhere. Vinnie Zammit’s mast has broken. He managed to finish in C without going down. Martin Roberts can fix any shattered carbon if appearance is not important.

Yes, we are a good team.  Rob Vice Class Captain is pulling us together.  Chris Harris is quietly determined to do well. James Edwards is delighted to be fifth and that after making all those Grunges.  John Cleave in glorious yellow, sails a unique course, gaining and losing great distances.

 Brad is not having it all his own way and is getting steadier as he plans for ultimate triumph. Darin and all of us really can have moments where the fleet blocks our path and someone without the depths of tactical insight gained at Birkenhead just gets between us and the mark unnecessarily.


John Smith is enjoying B heat mostly and reliving his last world championship. Austin is coming into his own as well after driving over in his brand new white Tesla.

Completely still water now so we hope it picks up tomorrow by 10:00 or 11:00 local time.

There is a massive organisation from the red shorted Germans while the contestants are in blue. Failure to do a turn in reasonable time results in the whistle and the need for 2 turns.

The score board is impressive and is going to travel between the 2 lakes tomorrow allegedly. The first minute of the 2-minute countdown is motivational music before the bongs down to the start with 10 second warnings.

The judges are foreign and have a logical process, sometimes with surprising results, according to Martin.

The event is all in English except for the Mayor’s and the head of German sailing’s speech. Very heartfelt except wasted on everyone but me with my Gastarbeiter German from 1972.

Sorry if I have missed out a few of the more normal team.


We hope to have more thoughs from Colin, so check in again.

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