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2020 MYA Club Name Wordsearch.

Whilst we are not able to sail in the current climate, and with a little spare time on my hands I have created a Wordsearch grid which contains 86 MYA registered club names for you to find.

Sorry I could not get all of the current MYA registered club names in.

There is no prize just the satisfaction of finding them all.

Talking of which I will publish a grid with the extra letters added, these are in RED and it will be published in a months’ time.

The wordsearch grid is here: MYA Club’s Wordsearch April 2020 and the list of clubs to find is here: MYA Club’s Wordsearch April 2020 p2

It is best to print it out and use the listing to check off the ones you have found.

Gordon, MD webmaster.

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