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2021-2022 IOMMDWCS R1 Manor Park RSC results.

15 skippers turned up to this the first round of the 2021-2022 Midland District IOM winter series being hosted by Manor Park RSC. It was just so nice to get the series underway again after having to miss out all of last year. The weather had been arranged by Colin Walton (Pro) and whilst he got the dry bit right the temperature was a bit cool for most of us, the NW 6mph wind needed some extra clothing to keep the wind chill out.

Colin called the skippers together welcoming all to Manor Park especially the travelling skippers, there was Pete Walters from Lincoln RSC with his Venti, Dorian Crease from Two Island RYC with his Chienz, and John Burgoine from Birmingham with his K2 preparing to do battle with the Britpops of the Manor Park and Bournville skippers. The first order of the day being where the hot water boiler was and that you could make tea, coffee between races.

After the briefing in which the course was explained, thanks to Darin for setting it out, the fleet were called to the water. The first race got away in more than the predicted wind strength, and even saw a few boats ducking and diving on the long run down to the leeward gate. We sailed as a single fleet on a large two lap course sailng left to right into the bay area almost in front of the dinghy club house for those who know Manor Park.

The first two races went to form with Chris H leading straight out of the blocks, he obviously remembered the fast route from earlier in the season, closely followed by Darin B and John B, it looked like it was going to be close. We had a little break after race two so that everyone could have a tweek of their settings, the wind had reduced by then to the predicted levels, with the odd gust still making the down wind legs a difficult read.

At lunch when I had put the scores together the leader was Chris H with his first discard being a second, all the other scores where first. Darin went out in the club boat again and moved the leeward gate around as the wind was coming more from the north. Once he got back and had a sandwich and coffee he and the other contenders started to get amongst the results, both John B and Pete W were having a far better afternoon. The racing continued at a steady pace until 2:30pm when we stopped for tea. Colin W and my self then chatted about a finish time as the wind was starting to drop away and you could see the cloud cover getting darker, we said to the skippers that we would do a further three races back to back and finish then. This was Chris’s worst race he had to come to the dock and relaunch his boat leaving him well behind the fleet. He then set off on a completely different downwind course and managed to start to pull back the lead the others had, by the end of the race he was back up to fourth which was his worst race of the event. Darin, John and Pete were closely matched and there were some tight finishes between then. The standard of racing was good with turns being taken when the skippers were called for contact, of which there were very few.

Thanks to the two gents Martin Waller & Dave Buttress who sat on the finish line for the whole of the event well wrapped up against the cold.

So to the 21-22 IOMMDWCS R1 Manor Park RSC results bottles of wine to the winners and chocolates to all the others. Thanks to Colin and Darin for hosting the event.

The next event will be 16th January 2022 at Bournville RS&MBC, and watch out for the NOR.

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