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Covid 19 and MYA Midland District Sailing.

Government Guidance (England) 28th May 2020.

The UK is starting to relax its coronavirus lockdown rules, meaning some of us can now see friends and family we have been separated from for months.

Under the new rules:

From Monday (1st June 2020) people in England can meet in groups of up to six people in outdoor spaces like parks or private gardens – if you remain two metres (six feet) apart.

So, what effect does this have on our sailing?

As we all start to come out of lockdown it is great to be thinking of seeing our mates and sailing again, and each of us will approach it slightly differently. You may be able to open up your sailing venue at the same speed as the changes to the guidelines allow, but some clubs will want to wait a bit longer just in case, as their members could have been shielding with health issues.

Hopefully as the virus threat diminishes, we may soon be able expand our activities.

However, at this time “Not a lot has changed” in so much as you must still comply with the Government rules, the RYA and the MYA guidance and “social distancing”

In line with our previous website note, if members ignore this guidance then there is a possibility that the MYA insurance could be invalid.

A particularly good explanation on “social distancing” is here on the BBC website.

We recommend that you review your club’s risk assessment allowing for the changes in the numbers of people that could be at the club together and how you are going to regulate this.

Some areas for consideration should include.

Remind all members and visitors that should they be displaying any of the symptoms of Covid 19 they MUST not attend the club until considered clear after a period of self-isolation.

Do you know who else is at the lake the same time as you? And do you have their contact details?

This will become relevant if you get contacted by the “NHS Test and Track” team and need to give them details of people who you have been in contact with.

Do not forget to review all the other areas specific to your club that you have identified in the earlier risk assessment.

This is not to be considered as a complete list of changes and it is always up to the individual to be responsible for their own actions.


Currently due to the hot weather and us not being able to use them for the last three months some of the sailing lakes have weed and water problems, certainly restricting their potential usage at this time. However hopefully as the virus threat diminishes and we can have larger gatherings it may be possible in the future that we are able to share a venue with others to allow more skippers to sail again. In the meantime, those that can enjoy your social sailing responsibly and stay well.


Whilst we do not have all the answers should a MYA Midland District club secretary wish to get in contact to discuss their own situation please send us an email, and we will see if we can help.

Bill Green (MD Councillor)

Gordon Sears (MD Trustee)

Colin Walton (MD Sec)

Keep an eye out on the MYA website news pages for future MYA guidance.

MYA Midland District Committee.

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