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Covid 19 and MYA Midland District Sailing.

On Monday evening 18th May 2020 the full MYA Midland District committee plus guest Darin Ballington (MYA RO) held an online video meeting to discuss a possible pathway to get back to sailing within our District.

At this time the advice from the MYA Council is that “All MYA events are currently suspended until further notice” and a link to the latest posting is here:

As the District Committee we recommend that all our clubs follow this guidance.


Going forward it is intended that when we are able to rearrange any district sailing, we would give skippers 4 weeks’ notice of any date and hosting club changes prior to an event and this will be posted to the Midland District website.

The MYA Midland District would normally hold District Championships for IOM, RM, 6M, DF65/RG65 and 36”. These are currently suspended. Depending on Government guidelines, the MYA instructions, and that it is safe to do so, we may be able to run one or more of these events.

As for the MYA Midland District series the committee have decided that all the District league (RM, IOM, 6M) will be cancelled for 2020. The reason for our decision is that it is very unlikely we would be able to get sufficient events in the rest of the season to make it a valid series, and this will also ease the potential workload on our clubs that were scheduled to host an event.

Freeing up these dates could allow a club to put on an event for their club members, thus restarting sailing in a controlled way.

Now and the future.

We all want to get back sailing, but only if it can be conducted in a safe and controlled manner without putting our members at risk. A quick look at our membership shows that a lot of us fall into the “at risk” category and so this must be taken into consideration when arranging anything at your club.

In the light of the Governments slight lifting of the lockdown to allow unlimited exercise and meeting up with one other person from outside your family group a couple of the Midland District committee members have been asked about “social sailing”.

Obviously, we could not stop you doing this but be aware that you are not covered by the MYA insurance. See MYA statement link earlier in this posting.

The committee believe that all our District clubs operate on waters that are controlled by third parties, i.e. Water Authorities, Councils, RYA dinghy clubs or private landlords and without their consent you could put future access to their venue at risk?

So until the Government guidelines change we suggest that you take this time to look at your sailing facilities to assess the possible risk areas to Covid 19, we are after all going to have to consider this for some time to come.

The RYA have produced a 4 stage risk assessment form that takes the Governments 4 steps to releasing the lockdown as its framework and you can download it from here:

Page 13 onwards gives you an example of what to consider. As their facilities are much more comprehensive than a normal model yacht club there are things on it that are not applicable to us, but it does show you just how many areas that this virus effects our normal sailing activities.

Manor Park Sailing Club for instance as an RYA club have produced a very comprehensive check list and action plan, with a small part of it relating to the model yachting group. This might appear to be a lot more than needed but everyone needs to be aware of the risk assessment though as all need to comply with social distancing, use of the facilities, such as toilets, and even things like access to the site.

We have been informed that Hollowell SC, Lincoln RSC, Market Bosworth RYC and Bournville RS&MBC have started on their own risk assessment, and no doubt that those clubs that are part of an RYA dinghy club will be working on their own plan.

Even if you have a basic plan at least when the Government guidelines change you can review it, make edits and updates where appropriate, you will then be in a far better position when it comes to discussing access to the water with the owners. Afterall without the consent of the owner you have no water to sail on.

Whilst we do not have all the answers should a MYA Midland District club secretary wish to get in contact to discuss their own situation please send us an email, and we will see if we can help.

Bill Green (MD Councillor)

Gordon Sears (MD Trustee)

Colin Walton (MD Sec)

Keep an eye out on the MYA website news pages for future MYA guidance.

In the meantime, we hope you stay safe and well, and we look forward to getting back to sailing with friends again soon.

MYA Midland District Committee.


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