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Covid19 PPE supplies – your support.

The following is an email from Phil Watkins of the Bournville RS & MBC, which was sent to all their club members, and thinking that this is a good idea, I would like to bring it to your attention.

Good afternoon all,

I Hope you; your family and friends are all doing well in the current strange times.

As we are all aware there is a chronic shortage of PPE equipment for our frontline staff in the NHS and other areas, as part of a response a group of people designed a face shield parts of which can be produced on 3D printers before assembly and supply to those front line services.  I have joined that effort to produce as many of these as I/we can, to help this the group need funding – this is where you can help by going to the following link and giving to support the effort, the page gives a better explanation of what we are doing.

You may want to add this link as it shows the involvement and links to get involved if people wish, also if they want to pass the order link on to local care home surgeries etc they can do so.

Many thanks,

Phil Watkins.

Bournville RS & MBC Yacht member.

This subject also appeared in the Market Bosworth RYC WhatsApp group time line a few days ago, and this is what it looks like when printing the face shield frames. 

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