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2020 MYA Midland District Officers.

Chairman – Stephen Hodgkinson
Councillor – Bill Green
Secretary – Colin Walton
Webmaster – Gordon Sears
Senior Measurer – Mike Ewart
Trustees – Mr Mike Harris, Mr Gordon Sears.

MYA Midland District Constitution.

Following the 2018 MYA Midland District AGM the revised district constitution was approved. MYA Midland District Constitution 12.11.18


MYA Midland District Committee online meeting March 2020.

Minutes of the WhatsApp online Midland District committee meeting. MYA Midlands Committee Meeting 27-03-2020


MYA Midland District AGM documents.

2019 MYA MD AGM Notice to club secretaries. Notice to all club secretaries v1 

2019 initial Agenda MYA MD AGM 2019 Agenda

Officer reports. MYA MD Chair report AGM 2019  MYA MD Councillor Report to MD AGM 2019  MYA MD Secretary Report to MD AGM 2019  MYA MD Webmaster 2019 AGM report

MD AGM District Senior Measurer report 2019  2019 R6m report midland district AGM

2019 MD AGM Minutes. 2019 MYA MD AGM minutes


2018 MYA MD AGM Agenda. MYA MD AGM 2018 Agenda

Officer reports. MD Councillor report to MD AGM 2018    MD Senior measurer report to 2018 agm   MYA MD Webmaster 2018 AGM report

Club Motions.  Team Racing MDC proposal (1) Peter Shepherd

2018 AGM Minutes. MYA MD AGM 2018 minutes 11.11.2018 updated


2018 MYA MD EGM Documents. MD EGM Agenda v2MD Officer Election Voting. i contact EGM notice to skippers.

Midland District AGM 2017 minutes.    AGM 2017 Report

Midland District AGM 2016

MYA General Data Protection (GDPR).


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