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IOM MDWCS 2019 R4 Watermead MBC. 10TH FEBRUARY 2019.

The day started with rain, but the wind was lighter than expected and everyone set their top suits.

A four-leg course using gates was set as this gave the best view of the yachts across the lake. The wind did not help as the beat to the windward mark was nearly always laid in one with some help from great lifts!

Robert Wilson won the first of many races and set the pace closely followed by Craig Richards with Graham Whalley putting in a good fight for second or third position.

The rain stopped after lunch and eventually the sun came out. The wind now had more gusts and several skippers were having problems on the downwind legs. This required our boat team to go out and rescue them from tangles or hooked marks.

Robert stayed consistent throughout the day and won seven of the races, with Craig winning six. Jen Hand battled to the top and won race eight.

We completed 14 races but had to stop as the rescue boat overturned and the two wet crew had to be rescued themselves. After drying off and sitting in the warm cars they recovered well. The full results are here: IOM MDWCS 2019 R4 Watermead MBC results

The Watermead team would like to say thank you to the skippers for their great racing spirit and happy way they raced during the day and apologise for not quite getting to 16 races and thus three discards.

We look forward to hosting the race next year.

Clive Bardell. PRO.

Thanks to the Watermead race team for hosting the event.

The full series results without discards after round 4 are here: IOM MDWCS 2019 R4 overall series results without discards and the final round of this winter’s series is scheduled for Lincoln RSC on 31st March 2019. Check back in for the NOR and online race entry system soon.

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