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IOMMDCS & C 2018 Final Results

Unfortunately we had to cancel round 5 which was scheduled for Manor Park RSC on 14th October 2018, this has left us with 4 completed events during the summer 2018 series.

Having checked with the IOMMDCS&C v4 deed of gift if we had 4 qualifying events then 3 would count. The overall IOMMDCS Champion Skipper results have thus been recalculated to reflect the best 3 events scores for the 39 skippers who competed in the series. In fact only 2 skippers had sailed in all events.

The IOM individual champion skipper for 2018 is Darin Ballington of the Manor Park RSC,  congratulations goes to Darin for being top skipper in each qualifying round. For a full list and to check your finishing position click here: MDCS 2018 Skipper final results

Now to the Champion club, this is structured around each club’s top 4 skippers from each round with all rounds sailed in a series counting.

This year we had skippers from 9 of the 11 Midland District clubs competing and with a total of 780 points the IOMMDCS&C Champion Club is Manor Park RSC. Click here for full results: MDCS 2018 Club results after R4

Both IOMMDCS shields will be presented at the Midland District AGM at Bournville RS&MBC on 11th November.

Mac Colyer Trophy 2018.

With the cancellation of round 5 we also lost the IOM Midland Champion trophy event, and so we have decided that this would be sailed for at the first round of the IOMMDWCS 18-19 series at Bournville RS&MBC on 11th November. The 2017 champion was Mick Chamberlain.

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