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IOMMDCS & C 2019 R5 Bournville RS&MBC Race Results.

The weather forecasts and the limp state of the trees this morning did not bode well for a good days sailing. It shows just how wrong you can be if a little patience is applied. True to the predictions, the wind early this morning was very light and PRO Jon Harris and me (ARO) watched it switch through 180 degrees several times before racing started. Not good omens, it left us with wondering what sort of course to set.

Life became a little more complicated because we had 23 entrants, would it be 1 fleet or 2. In the end we opted to use the middle of the lake start line, giving us options and one fleet to be our starter for 10 or should I say 23. The wind messed around a bit as we expected, we started with 1 lap and as soon as the wind appeared to settle down, we opened it up to 2. It didn’t take long before Darin Ballington and Mark Dicks got into gear. Local hero Peter Moore got himself into all sorts of unlikely trouble with the first couple or three races, but then got himself sorted out and back into gear. Steve Haywood kept things going as the day progressed, as did Laurie Brown.

The wind kicked in, behaved itself and so did the fleet. The standard of sailing and rule observation by the whole fleet was very good indeed and turns were taken promptly when penalties were incurred. Bournville is never an easy place to sail and some of the close battles in mid fleet were a pleasure to watch. At the end of 14 races Darin headed the fleet with Peter Moore and Mark Dicks 2nd and 3rd respectively, Steve Haywood and Laurie Brown were 4th and 5th. Have a good look at the scores and you will see that these were not runaway victories and the mid fleet folk all had their own personal moment in the spotlight. All in all, a cracking day’s sailing in lovely sunny weather by a very well natured fleet. Now for the Winter Series, best wrap up warm.

Cheers, Bill Green ARO.

Click here for the full results IOMMDCS R5 Bournville r14   take a close look at the results as there were tie breaks for places 8th & 9th, 12th & 13th, 19th & 20th, all this after 14 races.

I would like to thank John Harris, Bill Green, Robin, Rita, Phil G and anyone who helped make the Bournville event a success. Don’t worry we will be coming back again next year, hopefully for a winter IOM event.

Below is a selection of pictures by Sylvia Holyoak.

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