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IOMMDCS&C 2018 Scoring Systems Review.

During the winter 17-18 IOM Champion Skipper series we experimented with a new series scoring format. The intention was to encourage series participation and try to eliminate potential dead races at the end of the series.

The proposed initial series structure had been run at Leicestershire RYC for thier club races so with a working format we used this for the 17-18 winter IOM races. Following a review of the full results it was noted that there was a few areas that needed further thought, I thank the skippers for their feedback and comments. Having taken these thoughts onboard I offered some amendmants. Unfortunately we could not trial the new format for the IOMMDCS&C 2018 as it could not be voted on before the commencement of the summer series. We thus ran to the older Deed of Gift version 4. This turned out to be an advantage as whilst the race and series scores were being compiled and posted to the MD website, I was producing a set of results at the same time using the same data to the new draft Deed of Gift version 5.

In the new version we have better reflected the efforts of the PRO by giving them points equal to the second placed skipper for the event they officiate at. As for the ARO they now get average points for the races they officiate at.

The subject of how many races are completed at each venue is balanced out by the maximum number of DNS (Did Not Sail) scores a skipper can get for not attending that round, this was fixed at 10 DNS, all other races completed at each venue would thus carry a ZERO score. This really helps smooth things out between the number of races achieved at each venue. Take a look at the scores sheet for an example.

The review also looked at the score sheet layout, as it was considered the horizontal format like HMS would be easier to read, and that is also why each MD club now has it’s own colour. See new score sheet layout here: MVSRS v1 final protected it has been populated with the data from each race at every round. Normally we will only post the left hand columns up to the final score column example here: IOMMDCS&C 2018 MVSRS skipper positions final

A comparison of the final skipper positions from both scoring systems can be seen here: Comparison of 2018 IOMMDCS&C scoring systems. As you can see the newer system better reflects the skipper who sails at all the events, whilst not penalising great preformance by good sailing. The top skipper was the same in each case, but others mid fleet have changed around a little.

The club series still follows the old format and the Champion Club is the one with the lowest total score. See example here: MVSRS v1 final club positions

Combined these suggested amendments will encourage a PRO to run an efficient event with as many individual races as practical, as he/she will get rewarded with heat scores equal to the skipper who finished that event in second place. Any skipper not able to attend an event with more than 10 races for unforeseen circumstances will thus only be penalised a maximum of 10 DNS scores.
They will have to sail in all the other races to not carry extra penalties and the more you sail in the more chance of getting the full allocation of discards available.
The home race team are better represented by the inclusion of the ARO option.

These changes required a new IOMMDCS&C Deed of Gift which is now version 5 here:  it was also sensible to bring the winter (IOMMDWCS) Deed of Gift up to date and now this is version 4 here: both of these documents are on the IOMMDCS section of this website.

Both of these documents now follow the same format and were approved for use immediately at the MYA MD AGM 2018. The IOM winter series that started at Bournville RS&MBC on 11th November 2018 was the first of these events.

Prepared by the MD webmaster.


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