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IOMMDWCS R5 Bournville RS&MBC To Go Ahead Tomorrow.

IOMMDWCS R5 Bournville RS&MBC To Go Ahead Tomorrow.

Earlier I received a message from Bournville RS&MBC confirming the event tomorrow will go ahead.

“To all skippers entered

The event at Bournville this Sunday will be held but please be aware of the weather overnight and make the correct decision for yourselves regarding attending the event, the projected weather report is attached and it shows the majority of the day as being dry(ish) which will be nice.

As mentioned yesterday with the expected rainfall the Bourne brook may be too high to be safe, but we will not know that until tomorrow.

Currently the grassed area along each side of the driveway is sodden and will not get better so parking will not be allowed, and you should use the available parking on the road. Disabled parking is allowed in the designated bay alongside the club house”.

Phil Watkins
On behalf of the Bournville RS & MBC

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