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MD A Weekend Events Update.

MD A weekend events update.

Over the weekend of 6th and 7th July the Midland District hosted the A class boats at Birmingham MBC and Bournville RS&MBC, and there was a small posting last week with the results.

Since then I have had a race report from Aland Skitt on the Midland District A Championship, and his words are below.

“There were a total of 9 entries for the event and the weather on the day was a disappointing in comparison to previous days. The wind direction was not helpful in setting a course but the Race Officer settled on an “X” course which gave two beats and a broad reach to the finish.

Chris Harris started very well in the first few races but after the fifth race Peter Wiles became dominant and sailed consistently finishing first or second save for the 12th race where his fourth place was a discard. Chris H sailed on consistently but seemed to lose out after the early races and on one occasion was overheard to say “how can I mess this one up?” or words to that effect.

Bob Isles was also fairly consistent throughout to end up with a third place. There was quite a point’s gap after the leading boats but fourth, five and six places, Terry Connell, Dave Stewart and Damian Ackroyd respectively were only separated by three points.

During the first few race there were many collisions which given the standard of the competitors was unexpected. After the third race the Race Officer addresses the contestants asking for an improved adherence to the rules. The course was changed several times in an attempt to accommodate the variable wind direction and there was a marked improvement in rule observation.  At the end of the day everyone seemed happy and there had been some excellent and close sailing.

The day concluded with a convivial prize giving during which bottles of wine were handed out to the first three competitors and the trophy was awarded to the winner Peter Wiles who had sailed in an exemplary manner throughout the day. A copy of the results are here: Midland District A Cleass Championship 2019

Cake, biscuits and tea were made available and the club was thanked for its hospitality.”

Alan Skitt MA MRIN
Commodore BMYC.

I have also received a selection of pictures from Stephen Hodgkinson of the Bournville RS&MBC hosted PRACC 5 race, and as reported in the earlier post the results are here:

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