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MD IOM Championship Bournville RS&MBC results.

Last Sunday saw 15 skippers gather at Bournville RS&MBC for the Mac Colyer Trophy for the Midland District IOM Champion. Our PRO for the day was Bill Green, assisted by Ian Cook who recorded the finish line results. After the very early morning rain had passed it looked like a race organisers nightmare with what breeze there was coming from all directions. Most of the boats were having a practice sail and so things were ready straight after the briefing. The lake was in good condition as was the newly repaired walkways around the edge, there was even a couple more of the big trees that had been removed since I was there a couple of weeks ago.

With the briefing done and everyone on the water Bill suggested for the first race he would do just one lap and finish halfway up the lake between two marks, this was done so everyone could assess how long each race was likely to take. It was good to see 15 IOMs on a start line again after such a long layoff, what was more difficult was getting away from the line as the wind was almost non-existent. However once away John Burgoine was never headed and so claimed the first win, and Chris Cook then worked his way to the front of the pack to claim second. The first race was around 10 minutes long and so for the second race Bill decided to go to two laps, this suited John Humphries as he grabbed his first win, local knowledge coming to the fore?

Race three saw the first of five wins going to Nigel Barrow, our visitor from Frensham Pond MYG, it was his first race at Bournville RS&MBC and he found the place to his liking. One of our other travelling skippers was Dorian Crease from Two Islands RYC who found his way up to fourth in race three. After race four, won by John Burgoine, Bill called a tea break, this gave me time to put the race results on to the laptop. During the break Peter Moore said to me that he was struggling to find the speed in his boat, obviously the tea had done him the world of good as in the next nine races his worst score was a 4th.

After race six Bill called lunch, with the instruction that the next race would be started at 13:00, true to his word the starter was pressed on time, and we were away again. At lunch the top places were, Nigel Barrow, John Burgoine, Chris Cook and Peter Moore, all fairly close at this stage, I did allude to Peter Moore’s performance earlier and he put in a great set of results which were only matched by Nigel Barrow.

Two of the older designs were also putting in some good results at times with the Isis of John Ind getting a 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th in his series of 13 races, there was even a Red Wine of Roger Hopper who had two 4ths, a 5th and two 6ths. Some of the old designs can still do well in the light conditions.

By race 11 Bill called the skippers together and asked them if they wanted to stop for an afternoon tea break or carry on for a further two races and call it a day a little earlier than planned, the unanimous decision was that we would carry on and finish at the end of race 13. To be honest the skippers conduct with handling the conditions and remaining mostly incident free had allowed us to get in more racing than looked possible at the onset of the day, so we were happy to go along with this arrangement.

After the final whistle and whilst the skippers were packing away, we completed the scores and were ready for the prize presentation. See here for the final results. MidlandDistrictIOMandMacColyerTrophy.

Congratulations go to Nigel Barrow who finished first with a score of 21 points after discards from 13 races, he unfortunately cannot win the Mac Colyer Trophy as he is from outside the Midland District, so that goes to Peter Moore who finished second with a score of 29 points from 13 races.

The Mac Colyer trophy is a silver rose bowl that was given to the District after Mac had passed away. Mac Colyer was a long-time member of the Leicestershire RYC and he enjoyed his sailing owning both IOMs and M class yachts.

Whilst chatting to Nigel at lunchtime he said that he had a website dedicated to all things IOM and that he would send me a link to have a look, so before writing this up today I have taken the time to review the content and can say that it is definitely worth the time to look over it yourself, the link is here:

The next Midland District IOM is the “Clive Hand memorial trophy” at Lincoln RSC on 3rd October and I am sure that they will be happy to see you all, keep an eye open for the NOR and race entry system to get registered for the event.

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