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MDCS &C 2017 R4 Leicestershire RYC Race Report.

The race team arrived to gusting conditions from the right direction for the lake. The competitors all decided to start in the largest sail suit which proved interesting as by the time of the first race it was a marginal decision. Laurie Brown was the skipper who mastered the conditions best initially with two wins on the bounce, his main advantage appeared his control in the gusts keeping the bow above water!

After the second race a generous break was given to allow all bar three skippers to change down as the wind and gusts increased, the correct decision with hind sight was to stick with the large rig as the wind temporarily dropped and Don Charlesworth showed the way in the next two races before the remaining skippers switched down. Don again showed mastery of the conditions in race five before one of his blips in race six a fourth place and one of his discards!

Our long distance visitor Peter Cropper from West Cornwall was quietly going about his business by consistently sailing in the event his problems came later as he unfortunately had electrical issues resulting in three maximum scores, without which he may have challenged for second place rather than his third overall. Credit to Peter for persevering with the repairs to enable him to continue.

Don rather dominated the days sailing winning overall with eleven wins out of seventeen races and all his other counting scores being second places. Second in the event was taken by Dave Alston with a display of consistency which did not attract attention but got the job done. With such a small field it may not surprise but out of the entry we had five different heat winners, none more happy than Chris Cook sailing his Slimtel after struggling with the conditions.

It was good to see that the podium was filled by three different designs, Britpop, V9 and Asbo 2.

The higher wind range showed that skipper’s need to check their smaller rigs as Rob and myself were treated to some sailing antics as jib luff wires were getting caught on spreaders.

The gusting conditions caused numerous incidents most of which were dealt with in good humour so a thanks from the race team to all the competitors for not making it a difficult day on the bank which allowed time for plenty of sailing. With the higher wind range rather than Charnwood’s normal more moderate conditions it was a pity that not more midland skippers experienced the event.

Pictures of the winners are in the gallery, and thanks to all who attended.

Race report by Eric Finley.

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