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MDCS & C 2017 R5 Manor Park SC Race Report.

We enjoyed a great days racing on a weed free water, with a single fleet of 20 yachts from 11 clubs, completing 19 heats.

A long start line and ample room between the windward and leeward buoys provided few collisions with turns carried out with goodwill.  It was the first time that the new green container cabin on the radio sailing hill has been used to its full potential.  The electricity supply allowed Gordon Sears to run his computer and display the scores after each race on the television behind the end window.  This was very elegant and much appreciated.

The course was unusual for Manor Park, as the wind veered from West to North, and all the directions in between, over the day and sometimes throughout each race.  The course board remained the same after the first 3 races, even as the buoys were adjusted to cope with this shift.  Yachts rounded the windward marks 1 and 2 to port, close by the bank, before a run down to the gate in the distance alongside the island (twice).  The windward mark No1 by the bank provided the skippers with a clear view from above as they closely negotiated the fraught tack on to starboard, at the same time as the wind direction changed markedly.  A-rigs were used throughout with around 6 to 10mph breeze.

Rob Wilson was the clear leader at all stages. The following positions were closely fought by visiting sailors Mick Chamberlain, Peter Cropper and Laurie Brown with the leader board changing throughout the day.  The Manor Park skippers slugged it out for the middle positions between themselves.

Thanks to the Ballington girls, Penelope and Emily, for helping with the booking in, finish line scoring and moving the buoys with Darin.

The new luxurious cabin, plus the restored Met Office Mark II wind vane, along with the site layout and facilities means that it will also be a fantastic venue for the A Nationals next weekend.

Colin Walton (Pro).

Pictures have been posted to the Gallery Tab.

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