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MDMCS R2 & Games 5 12th May 2019, Venue Change.

Unfortunately, the Marblehead event schedule for Leicestershire RYC (Charnwood Water) on 12th May 2019 has had to be moved to Manor Park RSC.

This re-arrangement has been forced on Leicestershire RYC as the toilets have been damaged and so the Borough Council has locked them. The Leicestershire club secretary has been in contact with the Council, but they have given no indication as to when the facility will be reopened.

Manor Park RSC has generously offered their home water for the event which will still be run by the Leicestershire club, so the event will go ahead as planned.

So far, we have had two entries confirmed, and if you would like to join in you have until 21:00 on 9th May 2019 to get your entry to the club secretary.

1: Colin Walton 3, 2: Stepehn Haywood 57, 3: Andy Soars 61, 4: Chris Harris 21, 5: John Smith 43, 6: Grenville Thornhill tba, 7: Phil Holliday 66,

The MYA online race entry system is still active here:

Leicestershire RYC.

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