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Midland District AGM Meeting Update.

The 2019 Midland District AGM which was scheduled for Manor Park RSC tomorrow is CANCELLED.

The reason for this is that access to the venue is restricted due to the high-water levels. This was sent to all District club secretaries and known skippers yesterday:

Dear Secretaries and other Midlands members,

Thank you for all the emails giving apologies for absence and support for the committee.

I am sure that it is just coincidence. Since installing the floating jetty, we seem to have had a once in a hundred-year River Trent flood at Manor Park twice in 6 months and the water is rising again. It looks as if the access road to Manor Park will be underwater again this weekend, making attendance impossible except with waders or 4×4.

The Midlands officers have so far received full support from the clubs to stand again.

The committee will let you know of the full outcome next week.

If there are any issues or items of concern, then please do get in touch.


We will however continue to conduct the District business as set out in the AGM Agenda which was circulated and posted to the “District Administration” page of the website. So far, we have received many apologies for non-attendance and several electronic votes back from the club secretaries, so if you have not done so you have until 17:00 tomorrow to get your club vote in. This can only come via a club representative.


2019-2020 winter IOM sailing.

One thing that has appeared is some possible confusion regarding the IOMMDWCS dates and locations, on 22nd October we published the dates for the IOMMDWCS events as follows:

2019/2020 Winter Series Dates.

3rd Nov 2019       IOMMDWCS R1                 Lincoln RSC

8th Dec 2019        IOMMDWCS R2                 Market Bosworth RYC

5th Jan 2020         IOMMDWCS R3                 Leicestershire RYC

19th Jan 2020      IOMMDWCS R4                 Manor Park RSC

16th Feb 2020      IOMMDWCS R5                 Bournville RS&MBC

This is correct as of now, and next weekend we will issue the NOR for the IOMMDWCS R2 event.

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