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New Jetty at Manor Park RSC, 14.08.19.

Earlier this year during the planning and funding investigation stage for a new jetty at Manor Park RSC, Colin Walton informed me that they were hoping to make it accessible for all and it would integrate with the slipway the club built during 2018.

The new jetty is now almost complete, and the club skippers used it for the first time yesterday, albeit in inclement weather.

“We decided to build a very substantial landing area for the gangway with sheet piles and concrete slabs to last the 20-year forecast life of the jetty.  The whole club has pulled together and driven diggers, carried materials, etc.  In addition, we have completed the replacement of the handrails with scaffold tube and proper fittings, all at our own cost.

I was hoping to send you a sunny photo of everyone lined up on the jetty except the weather has prevented it.  There is a plaque thanking the funding by Sport England, July 2019, on the end handrail standard, which indicates a bit of the delay.  I will send some more photographs in the sun, with relaxed people enjoying the jetty facility.

We are absolutely delighted and planning a celebration with the whole club later”.

Many thanks, Colin Walton.

See a selection of pictures below of the new facility, it will be a great asset to the club and aid tremendously with the launching and recovery of boats of all classes. The old jetty has also had new handrails added. Well done to Colin and all members of the Manor Park RSC who helped with this project, and it looks like the first big event to use it will be the IOM Ranking on 12/13th October 2019.

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