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PRACC R4 Bournville RS & MBC Race Report.

13 skippers arrived at Bournville to a beautiful bright sunny day with very little wind. A couple of boats ventured onto the lake before the briefing and it was obvious that there was no consistent wind direction but enough to race.

Peter Moore (PRO) called the skippers together for the briefing announcing that he would confirm the course just before the first race start, and they would sail it as drawn irrespective of what the light breeze decided to do. Race 1 started on time with the start line across the wider end of the lake, there was no obvious place to start so the boats were spread evenly along the line.

Chris Harris sailing a “Pearl” eventually broke clear of the pack to win the first race, unfortunately John Humphries failed to finish, losing control of his yacht, it appeared to have switched its self-off. He got the boat back switched it off and on again and everything was working OK.

Race 2 was almost the same Chris H winning and John H retiring, an investigation into the problem discovered the electronic switch in the boat had corroded and so was intermittent. Phil Griffin helped John remove the switch and rewire the boat during race 3. This fix allowed him to sail for the rest of the day.

Race 3, Chris H and Peter Wiles (Sweet 10) edged down the port end of the line for the start and this paid off handsomely in that they pulled well clear of the fleet, Peter W shading it at the finish. The PRO then called a short break to assess the course, deciding that there was no consistent wind direction, so we would stay with it.

Race 4, Chris H then started a run of 6 race wins in a row, showing the fleet just how to manage the difficult conditions, Peter W was hanging on to his coat tails with a 3,2,2,2,4,4. This allowed a gap to build up with Chris Cook (Gunboat) Dave Stewart and John White (Sword) to get a second place which was their best of the day.

Lunch was taken at the end of race 8, the host club had provided pork pies, sausage rolls, crisps, and tea, coffee for all, most of the skippers then sitting outside catching up and enjoying the weather.

Race 9 started at 13:40 with still no consistent wind direction, but with all the hard work done by the club to remove the vegetation and small trees between the lake and the park you can use the full length of the lake.

Close racing continued with a 5 wide fleet reaching the port rounding mark but being on the inside overlap position did not pay off as the outside boats blanketed them and managed to sail away. This gave Nigel Clark (Sweet 9) the opportunity to get his first win.

Another break was taken after race 14 and Peter Moore asked the skippers if they would like to carry on, the unanimous decision was they would be happy to call it a day.

The final race scores were added and with a total after discards of 15 points from 14 races the clear winner was Chris Harris, see score sheet for full details. Bournville PRACC 2018 Results.

Peter Moore thanked the home race team for their help and wished everyone a safe trip home.

Pracc R4 Bournville, 1st Chris Harris.
Pracc R4 Bournville, 2nd Peter Wiles.
Pracc R4 Bournville, 3rd Bob Connor.
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